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English 10 Final exa

English 10 Final Exam Review 2015

We drink Water. Noun
Will you a Water the plants? Verb
This is a Water pipe. Adjective
She did not feel Well. Adverb
She went to the Well to draw water. Noun
Henry spoke to her in a calm, quiet voice because he knew she would get angry if he didn't. 3rd person
They didn't think we could win, but we proved them wrong and brought home 1st place. 1st person
You really need to make sure that you study for that test! 2nd person
What does it mean to paraphrase? A rewording of something written or spoken by someone else.
What are the steps to effective paraphrasing? 1. Reread the original passage until you understand the full meaning. 2. Write your paragraph on a note card. 3. Write down a few words. 4. Check your words 5. Use quotation marks. 6. Record the source.
Students frequently overuse direct quotations in taking notes. A. Students often quote excessively, falling to keep quoted material down to a desirable level.
President Lincoln like his status as a lawyer and politician, and he liked money, too, and used it to measure his worth. B. By the middle of the century, Lincoln enjoyed life as a well-respected lawyer and politician, having acquired a position of status and wealth that was well removed from his early "frontier background."
Staff nurses have a hierarchy of seniority. Staff nurses are assigned to patients to provide all their nursing care. B. The roll of the staff nurses have a pecking order based on their level of experience. The staff nurse assumes direct care of their patients.
Define Fallacy. Defects that weaken arguments.
John Updike is a wonderful writer because he writes so well. Circular reasoning
I loved that movie we saw last night with Brad Pitt. I think I’ll go to the store and buy all of his movies because I’m sure I’ll like all of them. Faulty logic
As mayor, my first priority is to improve education. My first act of office will be to cut funding for our public schools. Self contradiction
Our house was burglarized right after that family moved in next door. False casualty
The cause of the Civil War was slavery. Over simplification
The Rocky Mountains are the most beautiful mountains in the United States. Assumptions
Maria created a résumé. She copied it on expensive, high-quality paper. Her prospective employer was not accepting résumés. Maria created a résumé and she copied it on expensive, high quality paper, but her prospective employer was not accepting résumés.
All his friends have been praising the high quality of service in the new coffee shop for months. When he went there, the server was quite rude. All his friends have been praising the high quality of service in the new coffee shop for months; When he went there, the server was quite rude.
I had to hand the project over to Max. You didn't respond to any of my e-mails. I had to hand the project over, because you didn't respond to any of my email.
It is believed by the candidate that a ceiling must be placed on the budget by Congress. The candidate believes that congress must place a ceiling on the budget.
a. Her last argument finally persuaded me. b. It was her last argument that finally persuaded me. A.Her last argument finally persuaded me.
a. There are likely many researchers raising questions about this methodological approach. b. Many researchers are likely to raise questions about this methodological approach. B. Many researchers are likely to raise questions about this methodological approach.
a. Consumer demand is rising in the area of services. b. Consumers are demanding more services. c. Consumer demand for services is rising. B. Consumers are demanding more services.
Serious Formal
Reasoned Formal
Simple Informal
"Loose" Informal
Impersonal Formal
Light Informal
Casual Informal
Humorous Informal
Objective Formal
Offhanded Informal
Controlled Formal
Reserved Formal
Plainspoken Informal
Personal Informal
I can’t seem to understand the Pythagorean Theorem. Informal
Through analyzing Shakespeare’s tone, the reader can see the full impact of Elizabethan drama. Formal
In his novel The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane puts that Henry fellow through a lot of angst. Informal
The cat ran down the tree trunk. It was frightened. The chirping of the birds scared it. Informal
Alarmed by the chirping of the birds, the cat ran down the trunk of the tree. Formal
How come students aren't allowed to wear flip flops to school? Informal
Most students understand that all paragraphs should be indented. Formal
The Cobbler and the Carpenter aren't the main characters in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Informal
Hester Prynne is not characterized as a victim in Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter. Formal
Characters Narrative
Statistics Expository
State an opinion clearly and take a definitive stand. Persuasive
Plot tells a story. Narrative
Diologue Narrative
Support the opinion with convincing details, reasons, and examples. Persuasive
Setting (specific TIME and PLACE) Narrative
Purpose is to inform Expository
The most appropriate audience for a research paper about cell phone use in high school would be which of the following? A. High school Students and teachers
What would be the best audience to hear a speech on college applications? B. High school juniors
Which group would be the best audience for a discussion on the responsibilities of driving? A. High school sophmores
There is great disparity between rich and poor. D. Difference
Don’t feel abashed when you make a mistake. D. Embarrassed
I think you can understand even though the point is tacit. A. unspoken
Your response to her question was rather terse. You could practice patience. A. Brief
Created by: Katwill678