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Latin Vocab

Latin Vocab for Final

auctor author
caput head
carmen song
civis citizen
clamor noise
corpus body
dux leader
factum deed, fact
finis end
flumen river
fuga flight
habeo have
homo man
hostis enemy
iter journey
ius right, privilege
lex law
libertas freedom
mare sea
miles soldier
mons mountain
navis ship
nomen name
ordo order
pastor shepherd
pater father
pax peace
pes foot
regnum reign
rex king
salus health, safety
spatium space
tempus time
vestis clothing
vulnus wound
ago do, act
capio take
cedo retreat, move
cerno discern
clamo shout
cupio desire
dico say, speak
do give
duco lead
facio make
maneo stay
mitto send
moneo warn
moveo move
pello beat
peto seek, strive
premo press
relinquo let go
rogo ask
sto stand
teneo hold
venio come
verto turn
vivo live
celer quick
certus fixed, certain
facilis easy
fortis strong
notus known
omnis all, every
par equal
timidus shy
ultimus final, last
fortasse perhaps
postea afterwards
post after, behind
Unit 1 and 2 Vocab Study from Textbook!
Third Declension Endings Know for I-stems and masculine/feminine and neuter
Relative Pronouns know all masculine/feminine/neuter
Participles Know Uses
Active Verb Tense forms Know 'em!
Created by: camtheman256



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