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Japanese/ romaji

Helping those learn simple Japanese/ romaji

Kiritsu Stand
Chakuseki Sit
Rei Bow
Sensei Teacher
Minasan Everyone
Hai Yes
iie No
Arigatou Thanks
Shizuka ni be quiet
Chotto matte Just a moment
Ohayou Morning
Ohayou Gozaimasu Good morning
Konichi wa Hello (good afternoon)
Ja mata See you later
Konban wa Good evening
Oyasumi nasai Good night
Moshi moshi Hello (on the phone)
Namae Name
Namae wa nan desu ka what's your name?
Ni Sun
Hon Source/ book
Ni hon Japan
Haji me ma shite Nice to meet you
Douzo yoroshiku How do you do?
Douzo Please
Doumo Thankyou
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu Thanks so much
Arigatou gozaimasu Thankyou very much
Dou itashimashite You are welcome
ichi one
ni two
san three
yon/ shi four
go five
roku six
nana/ shichi seven
hachi eight
Kyu/ ku nine
jyu ten
Tomadachi Friend
Tomadachi no This is my friend
Created by: gisellesaizzz