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Health study guide

How many grains should you eat per day? 6 oz
name 4 types of grains cereal, pasta,bread,rice
how many vegetables should you eat a day? 2 cups
name 4 types of vegetables corn, broccoli, squash, spinach
how much fruit should you eat a day? 1 1/2 cups
name 4 types of fruit strawberries, cantaloupe, apples, peaches
how much dairy should you have each day? 3 cups
name 4 types of dairy cheese, milk,yogurt,cottage cheese
there are 6 parts in the digestive system, name them mouth,esophagus,liver,stomach,small intestine,large intestine
what is the esophagus? food tube connecting the mouth to the stomach, pushes food to stomach after swallowing
Name a characteristic of the stomach filled with acid that dissolves food
t/f stomach walls are very weak false, they are very strong
t/f stomach walls are protected from acid by mucus true
t/f food moves to small intensities from the stomach true
overeating causes? stomach ache
how long is the digestive system? 25 feet
what does the digestive system start and end with? start, mouth. End, large intestine
t/f medicine can be both harmful and helpful true
t/f it is okay to take medicine from a stranger false, only take medicine from a parent
t/f it is okay to take medicine as long as you tell your parents after false, never take medicine without your parents permission
t/f household items can contain poison true
what is made from leaves, found in cigarettes, cigars and pipes? tobacco
what is a harmful drug that speeds up the work of the body? Also found in cigarettes,cigars and pipes? nicotine
nicotine and other drugs in tobacco cause your blood vessels to be wider or narrow? narrow
When your blood vessels are narrow what effect does it have on your heart? the heart has to work harder to pump blood through your body
What is sidestream smoke? smoke you breathe from another persons cigarette
can sidestream smoking be just as dangerous as inhaling the cigarette yourself? yes
why can it be hard to stop smoking? because nicotine is an addictive drug
what are 6 things that are bad about smoking? stinky clothes Out of breath Yellow teeth Heart and Lung disease Feel nervous and jittery Short endurance
T/f no one should touch you if you don't want to be touched true
t/f If someone is bothering you, you should tell that person how you feel true
if you feel uncomfortable in a touching situation what do you do? tell an adult you trust immediately
t/f you should chose be around other people who show respect to others true
t/f it is okay not to hug or kiss someone true