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Jazz Band

Finnal Test

When was Milles Davis Born? May 26 1926
At what age did Davis start his career? age 17
Why was Davis called "The Dark Prince" late at night with sunglasses had a difficult personality and had an addiction, bad temper, not afraid to speak his mind
What year did Davis team up with John Coltrane? 1958
What album did Coltrane and Davis create? Kind of Blue
What magazine did Davis appear on the cover of? Rolling Stone
How many Grammies did Davis win? 9
When and where was Ellington born? Washington DC 1899
What was Ellington's given name? Edward Kennedy Ellington
What band did Ellington start out in? Washingtonians
Where did Ellington's band get its first taste of "real" fame? Cotton Club
What is considered Ellington's "signature song"? Take the A Train
How many Grammy awards does Ellington have? 13
Who wrote a song in Ellington's honor? Steve Wonder "Sir Duke"
According to the movie, why did Glenn Miller start his own band? Has a sound of his own with personality
What is Glenn Millers sound? his sound is the clarinets, trumpets, saxophones, and trombones
Why did Glenn Miller enlist in the States Army Air Force during WWII? to give the boys a piece of home with his band
Pennsylvania 6-50000 was his number for Helen to call him at the Denver bus stop
Little Brown Jug Helen loved that song, because it giver her chills
Moonlight Serenade the song he was playing and serenading Helen in the night with the moon light, romantic
A String of Pearls brought a pearl necklace for her in a L.A. pawn shop
American Patrol transition song
When was Dizzy Gillespie born? October 21, 1917
What was Dizzy's main instrument? Trumpet
What was strange about Dizzy's trumpet? It was bent, when a player of the band fell on it
When did Dizzy begin his career? 1935
What was Dizzy's signature style he was known for developing? Be-Bop
Dizzy was also known for some jazz fusion. What type of fusion did he work on? Afro-Cuban, Rhythm/ Latin
Created by: kristimaxfield
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