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Finnal Test

Decrescendo get softer
Diminuendo get softer
Divisi divide parts when usually one
Dochee sweet gentle
Double Flat takes a not down a whole note
Double Sharp goes up a whole step
Cadenza difficult solo
Cadence end of phrase
Cantabile singing style lyrics
Coda a concluding passage
Con with
Dynamics level of loudness
Etude a study of exercise
Fermata pause of a hold
Forzando a sudden attack/ strong ascent
Fine end
Accelerando gradually going faster
Accidental chromatic alteration of a note from the key signature
Ad Libitum at pleasure at will
A Due for two parts
Affetuoso tenderly with feeling
Assai much very
A tempo return to original tempo
Attacca continue with out a pause
Bravura great technical skill
Brillante sparking and spirited
Can Brio with vigor/ vigorously
Con Forza with strength/ force
Con Sordino with mute
Crescendo getting louder
Da Capo back to beginning
Dal Segno to the sign
Alla Breve cut time
Allargando slower and louder
Amoroso with love
Animato lively/ spirited
Appassionato Passionate
Created by: kristimaxfield
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