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Third conj. i-stem

Forms of the 3rd conjugation, i-stem verb capio *tildes used instead of macrons

capió indicative, active, present, 1
capis indicative, active, present, 2
capit indicative, active, present, 3
capimus indicative, active, present, 1+
capitis indicative, active, present, 2+
capiunt indicative, active, present, 3+
capiébam indicative, active, imperfect, 1
capiébás indicative, active, imperfect, 2
capiébat indicative, active, imperfect, 3
capiébámus indicative, active, imperfect, 1+
capiébátis indicative, active, imperfect, 2+
capiébant indicative, active, imperfect, 3+
capiam indicative, active, future, 1 subjunctive, active, present, 1
capiés indicative, active, future, 2
capiet indicative, active, future, 3
capiémus indicative, active, future, 1+
capiétis indicative, active, future, 2+
capient indicative, active, future, 3+
cépí indicative, active, perfect, 1
cépistí indicative, active, perfect, 2
cépit indicative, active, perfect, 3
cépimus indicative, active, perfect, 1+
cépistis indicative, active, perfect, 2+
cépérunt indicative, active, perfect, 3+
céperam indicative, active, pluperfect, 1
céperás indicative, active, pluperfect, 2
céperat indicative, active, pluperfect, 3
céperámus indicative, active, pluperfect, 1+
céperátis indicative, active, pluperfect, 2+
céperant indicative, active, pluperfect, 3+
céperó indicative, active, future perfect, 1
céperis indicative, active, future perfect, 2
céperit indicative, active, future perfect, 3
céperimus indicative, active, future perfect, 1+
céperitis indicative, active, future perfect, 2+
céperint indicative, active, future perfect, 3+
capior indicative, passive, present, 1
caperis indicative, passive, present, 2
capitur indicative, passive, present, 3
capimur indicative, passive, present, 1+
capiminí indicative, passive, present, 2+
capiuntur indicative, passive, present, 3+
capiébar indicative, passive, imperfect, 1
capiébáris indicative, passive, imperfect, 2
capiébátur indicative, passive, imperfect, 3
capiébámur indicative, passive, imperfect, 1+
capiébáminí indicative, passive, imperfect, 2+
capiébantur indicative, passive, imperfect, 3+
capiar indicative, passive, future, 1 subjunctive, passive, present, 1
capiéris indicative, passive, future, 2
capiétur indicative, passive, future, 3
capiémur indicative, passive, future, 1+
capiéminí indicative, passive, future, 2+
capientur indicative, passive, future, 3+
captus sum indicative, passive, perfect, 1
captus eram indicative, passive, pluperfect, 1
captus eró indicative, passive, future perfect, 1
capiás subjunctive, active, present, 2
capiat subjunctive, active, present, 3
capiámus subjunctive, active, present, 1+
capiátis subjunctive, active, present, 2+
capiant subjunctive, active, present, 3+
caperem subjunctive, active, imperfect, 1
caperés subjunctive, active, imperfect, 2
caperet subjunctive, active, imperfect, 3
caperémus subjunctive, active, imperfect, 1+
caperétis subjunctive, active, imperfect, 2+
caperent subjunctive, active, imperfect, 3+
céperim subjunctive, active, perfect, 1
céperís subjunctive, active, perfect, 2
céperit subjunctive, active, perfect, 3
céperímus subjunctive, active, perfect, 1+
céperítis subjunctive, active, perfect, 2+
céperint subjunctive, active, perfect,
cépissem subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 1
cépissés subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 2
cépisset subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 3
cépissémus subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 1+
cépissétis subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 2+
cépissent subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 3+
capiáris subjunctive, passive, present, 2
capiátur subjunctive, passive, present, 3
capiámur subjunctive, passive, present, 1+
capiáminí subjunctive, passive, present, 2+
capiantur subjunctive, passive, present, 3+
caperer subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 1
caperéris subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 2
caperétur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 3
caperémur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 1+
caperéminí subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 2+
caperentur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 3+
captus sim subjunctive, passive, perfect, 1
captus essem subjunctive, passive, pluperfect, 1
cape imperative, active, present, 2
capite imperative, active, present, 2+
capitó imperative, active, future, 2 imperative, active, future, 3
capitóte imperative, active, future, 2+
capere infinitive, active, present
cépisse infinitive, active, perfect
captúrus esse infinitive, active, future
capí infinitive, passive, present
captus esse infinitive, passive, perfect
captum írí infinitive, passive, future
capiéns participle, active, present
captúrus participle, active, future
captus participle, passive, perfect
capiendus participle, passive, future
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