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Circulatory system

What is the circulatory system responsible for? delivering food and oxygen to the cells and removing wastes
What are the 3 main parts of the circulatory syslem pump (heart), the vessels and the blood.
how much blood does an average adult have 6L
what does blood carry to the cells. What does it remove water, oxygen and other nutrients. it gets rid of CO2 and waste materials from the cells
what makes up 40% of our blood red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets
what makes up 60% of our blood plasma
What makes up 90% of plasma water
what does the plasma do has all the blood cells suspended in it and dissolves many chemicals
Where are RBCs made in the bone marrow
how long does the average RBC live for 120 days
what makes our blood the colour it is RBCs
what do RBCs contain Haemoglobin
What does haemoglobin do carries Co2 and O2 around the body
how many RBCs in one drop of blood 5 million
Which is bigger,White or red blood cells White
how many RBCs to 1 white blood cell 600
what is are the white blood cells main jobs to get rid of bad bacteria by producing chemicals to kill them or destroyng them
Where are the White blood cells made Bone marow
What are platelets broken up cells
Do platelets have a necleus no
what do platelets do patch up and fix broken tissue
how many platelets in 1mL of blood 400,000
Where do arteries carry blood AWAY from the heart to the external organs
what do arteries have thick elastic walls
what do arteries divide into capillaries
how wide are capillaries one cell tick
what are the capillaries main job to exchange oxygen, O2 and other nutrient in the cells
Where do the veins go back to he heart where the blood is pumped back to the lungs to get more oxygen
how many beats a minute happen in a chlds heart 90-120
how many heart beats a minute for adults around 70
what triggers each heartbeat nerve impulses within the heart
what is the heart made of cardiac muscle
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