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4th Conj, audió

Forms of the 4th conjugation verb audió* tildes used instead of macrons

audió indicative, active, present, 1
audís indicative, active, present, 2
audit indicative, active, present, 3
audímus indicative, active, present, 1+
audítis indicative, active, present, 2+
audiunt indicative, active, present, 3+
audiébam indicative, active, imperfect, 1
audiébás indicative, active, imperfect, 2
audiébat indicative, active, imperfect, 3
audíebámus indicative, active, imperfect, 1+
audiébátis indicative, active, imperfect, 2+
audiébant indicative, active, imperfect, 3+
audiam indicative, active, future, 1
audiés indicative, active, future, 2
audiet indicative, active, future, 3
audiémus indicative, active, future, 1+
audiétis indicative, active, future, 2+
audient indicative, active, future, 3+
audíví indicative, active, perfect, 1
audívistí indicative, active, perfect, 2
audívit indicative, active, perfect, 3
audívimus indicative, active, perfect, 1+
audívistis indicative, active, perfect, 2+
audívérunt indicative, active, perfect, 3+
audíveram indicative, active, pluperfect, 1
audíveras indicative, active, pluperfect, 2
audíverat indicative, active, pluperfect, 3
audíverámus indicative, active, pluperfect, 1+
audíverátis indicative, active, pluperfect, 2+
audíverant indicative, active, pluperfect, 3+
audíveró indicative, active, future perfect, 1
audíveris indicative, active, future perfect, 2
audíverit indicative, active, future perfect, 3
audíverimus indicative, active, future perfect, 1+
audíveritis indicative, active, future perfect, 2+
audíverint indicative, active, future perfect, 3+
audior indicative, passive, present, 1
audíris indicative, passive, present, 2
audítur indicative, passive, present, 3
audímur indicative, passive, present, 1+
audíminí indicative, passive, present, 2+
audiuntur indicative, passive, present, 3+
audiébar indicative, passive, imperfect, 1
audiébáris indicative, passive, imperfect, 2
audiébátur indicative, passive, imperfect, 3
audíebámur indicative, passive, imperfect, 1+
audiébámini indicative, passive, imperfect, 2+
audiébantur indicative, passive, imperfect, 3+
audiar indicative, passive, future, 1
audiéris indicative, passive, future, 2
audiétur indicative, passive, future, 3
audiémur indicative, passive, future, 1+
audiéminí indicative, passive, future, 2+
audientur indicative, passive, future, 3+
audítus sum indicative, passive, perfect, 1
audítus eró indicative, passive, future perfect, 1
audiam subjunctive, active, present, 1
audiás subjunctive, active, present, 2
audiat subjunctive, active, present, 3
audiámus subjunctive, active, present, 1+
audiátis subjunctive, active, present, 2+
audiant subjunctive, active, present, 3+
audírem subjunctive, active, imperfect, 1
audírés subjunctive, active, imperfect, 2
audíret subjunctive, active, imperfect, 3
audírémus subjunctive, active, imperfect, 1+
audírétis subjunctive, active, imperfect, 2+
audírent subjunctive, active, imperfect, 3+
audíverim subjunctive, active, perfect, 1
audíverís subjunctive, active, perfect, 2
audíverit subjunctive, active, perfect, 3
audíverímus subjunctive, active, perfect, 1+
audíverítis subjunctive, active, perfect, 2+
audíverint subjunctive, active, perfect, 3+
audívissem subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 1
audívissés subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 2
audívisset subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 3
audívissémus subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 1+
audívissétis subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 2+
audívissent subjunctive, active, pluperfect, 3+
audiar subjunctive, passive, present, 1
audiáris subjunctive, passive, present, 2
audiátur subjunctive, passive, present, 3
audiámur subjunctive, passive, present, 1+
audiáminí subjunctive, passive, present, 2+
audiantur subjunctive, passive, present, 3+
audírer subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 1
audíréris subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 2
audírétur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 3
audírémur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 1+
audíréminí subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 2+
audírentur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 3+
audítus sim subjunctive, passive, perfect, 1
audítus essem subjunctive, passive, pluperfect, 1
audi imperative, active, 2
audíte imperative, active 2+
audíre infinitive, active, present
audívisse infinitive, active, perfect
audítúrus esse infinitive, active, future
audírí infinitive, passive, present
audítus esse infinitive, passive, perfect
audítum írí infinitive, passive, future
audiéns participle, active, present
audítúrus participle, active, future
audítus participle, passive perfect
audiendus participle, passive, future
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