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3rd conj, reg, legó

Forms of the regular third conjugation verb legó* tilde used for macrons

legó Indicative, active, present, first, singular
legis Indicative, active, present, second, singular
legit Indicative, active, present, third, singular
legimus Indicative, active, present, first, plural
legitis Indicative, active, present, second, plural
legunt Indicative, active, present, third, plural
legébam Indicative, active, imperfect, first, singular
legébás Indicative, active, present, second, singular
legébat Indicative, active, present, third, singular
legébámus Indicative, active, present, first, plural
legébátis Indicative, active, present, second, plural
legébant Indicative, active, present, third, plural
legam Indicative, active, future, first, singular
legés Indicative, active, future, second, singular
leget Indicative, active, future, third, singular
legémus Indicative, active, future, first, plural
legétis Indicative, active, future, second, plural
legent Indicative, active, future, third, plural
légí Indicative, active, perfect, first, singular
légistí Indicative, active, perfect, second, singular
légit Indicative, active, perfect, third, singular
légimus Indicative, active, perfect, first, plural
légistis Indicative, active, perfect, second, plural
légérunt Indicative, active, perfect, third, plural
légeram Indicative, active, pluperfect, first, singular
légerás Indicative, active, pluperfect, second, singular
légerat Indicative, active, pluperfect, third, singular
légerámus Indicative, active, pluperfect, first, plural
légerátis Indicative, active, pluperfect, second, plural
légerant Indicative, active, pluperfect, third, plural
légeró Indicative, active, future perfect, first, singular
légeris Indicative, active, future perfect, second, singular
légerit Indicative, active, future perfect, third, singular
légerimus Indicative, active, future perfect, first, plural
légeritis Indicative, active, future perfect, second, plural
légerint Indicative, active, future perfect, third, plural
legor Indicative, passive, present, first, singular
legeris Indicative, passive, present, second, singular
legitur Indicative, passive, present, third, singular
legimur Indicative, passive, present, first, plural
legiminí Indicative, passive, present, second, plural
leguntur Indicative, passive, present, third, plural
legébar Indicative, passive, imperfect, first, singular
legébáris Indicative, passive, imperfect, second, singular
legébátur Indicative, passive, imperfect, third, singular
legébámur Indicative, passive, imperfect, first, plural
legébáminí Indicative, passive, imperfect, second, plural
legébantur Indicative, passive, imperfect, third, plural
legar Indicative, passive, future, first, singular
legéris Indicative, passive, future, second, singular
legétur Indicative, passive, future, third, singular
legémur Indicative, passive, future, first, plural
legéminí Indicative, passive, future, second, plural
legentur Indicative, passive, future, third, plural
léctus sum Indicative, passive, perfect, first, singular
léctus eram Indicative, passive, pluperfect, first, singular
léctus eró Indicative, passive, future perfect, first, singular
legam subjunctive, active, present, first, singular
legás subjunctive, active, present, second, singular
legat subjunctive, active, present, third, singular
legámus subjunctive, active, present, first, plural
legátis subjunctive, active, present, second, plural
legant subjunctive, active, present, third, plural
legerem subjunctive, active, imperfect, first, singular
legerés subjunctive, active, imperfect, second, singular
legeret subjunctive, active, imperfect, third, singular
legerémus subjunctive, active, imperfect, first, pluarl
legerétis subjunctive, active, imperfect, second, plural
legerent subjunctive, active, imperfect, third, plural
légerim subjunctive, active, perfect, first, singular
légerís subjunctive, active, perfect, second, singular
légerit subjunctive, active, perfect, third, singular
légerímus subjunctive, active, perfect, first, pluarl
légerítis subjunctive, active, perfect, second, pluarl
légerint subjunctive, active, perfect, third, plural
légissem subjunctive, active, pluperfect, first, singular
légissés subjunctive, active, pluperfect, second, singular
légisset subjunctive, active, pluperfect, third, singular
légissémus subjunctive, active, pluperfect, first, plural
légissétis subjunctive, active, pluperfect, second, pluarl
légissent subjunctive, active, pluperfect, third, plural
legar subjunctive, passive, present, first, singular
legáris subjunctive, passive, present, 2
legátur subjunctive, passive, present, 3
legámur subjunctive, passive, present, 1+
legáminí subjunctive, passive, present, 2+
legantur subjunctive, passive, present, 3+
legerer subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 1
legeréris subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 2
legerétur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 3
legerémur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 1+
legeréminí subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 2+
legerentur subjunctive, passive, imperfect, 3+
léctus sim subjunctive, passive, perfect, 1
léctus essem subjunctive, passive, pluperfect, 1
lege imperative, active, present, 2
legite imperative, active, present, 2+
legitó imperative, active, future, 2 imperative, active, future, 3
legitóte imperative, active, future, 2+
leguntó imperative, active, future, 3+
legere imperative, passive, present, 2
legiminí imperative, passive, present, 2+
legitor imperative, passive, future, 2 imperative, passive, future, 3
leguntor imperative, passive, future, 3+
legere infinitive, active, present
légisse infinitive, active, perfect
léctúrus esse infinitive, active, future
legí infinitive, passive, present
léctus esse infinitive, passive, perfect
léctum írí infinitive, passive, future
legéns participle, active, present
léctúrus participle, active, future
léctus participle, passive, perfect
legundus participle, passive, future
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