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Latin 2nd conj,

Forms of the 2nd conjugation Latin verb moneó* tildes used instead of macrons

moneó Indicative, active, present, first, singular
monés Indicative, active, present, second, singular
monet Indicative, active, present, third, singular
monémus Indicative, active, present, first, plural
monétis Indicative, active, present, second, plural
monent Indicative, active, present, third, plural
monébam Indicative, active, imperfect, first, singular
monébás Indicative, active, imperfect, second, singular
monébat Indicative, active, imperfect, third, singular
monébámus Indicative, active, imperfect, first, plural
monébátis Indicative, active, imperfect, second, plural
monébant Indicative, active, imperfect, third, plural
monébó Indicative, active, future, first, singular
monébis Indicative, active, future, second, singular
monébit Indicative, active, future, third, singular
monébimus Indicative, active, future, first, plural
monébitis Indicative, active, future, second, plural
monébunt Indicative, active, future, third, plural
monuí Indicative, active, perfect, first, singular
monuistí Indicative, active, perfect, second, singular
monuit Indicative, active, perfect, third, singular
monuimus Indicative, active, perfect, first, plural
monuistis Indicative, active, perfect, second, plural
monuérunt Indicative, active, perfect, third, plural
monueram Indicative, active, pluperfect, first, singular
monuerás Indicative, active, pluperfect, second, singular
monuerat Indicative, active, pluperfect, third, singular
monuerámus Indicative, active, pluperfect, first, plural
monuerátis Indicative, active, pluperfect, second, plural
monuerint Indicative, active, pluperfect, third, plural
moneor Indicative, passive, present, first, singular
monéris Indicative, passive, present, second, singular
monétur Indicative, passive, present, third, singular
monémur Indicative, passive, present, first, plural
monéminí Indicative, passive, present, second, plural
monentur Indicative, passive, present, third, plural
monébar Indicative, passive, imperfect, first, singular
monébáris Indicative, passive, imperfect, second, singular
monébátur Indicative, passive, imperfect, third, singular
monébámur Indicative, passive, imperfect, first, plural
monébáminí Indicative, passive, imperfect, second, plural
monébantur Indicative, passive, imperfect, third, plural
monébor Indicative, passive, future, first, singular
monéberis Indicative, passive, future, second, singular
monébitur Indicative, passive, future, third, singular
monébimur Indicative, passive, future, first, plural
monébiminí Indicative, passive, future, second, plural
monébuntur Indicative, passive, future, third, plural
monitus sum Indicative, passive, perfect, first, singular
monitus eram Indicative, passive, pluperfect, first, singular
monitus eró Indicative, passive, future perfect, first, singular
moneam Subjunctive, active, present, first, singular
moneás Subjunctive, active, present, second, singular
moneat Subjunctive, active, present, third, singular
moneámus Subjunctive, active, present, first, plural
moneátis Subjunctive, active, present, second, plural
moneant Subjunctive, active, present, third, plural
monérem Subjunctive, active, imperfect, first, singular
monérés Subjunctive, active, imperfect, second, singular
monéret Subjunctive, active, imperfect, third, singular
monérémus Subjunctive, active, imperfect, first, plural
monérétis Subjunctive, active, imperfect, second, plural
monérent Subjunctive, active, imperfect, third, plural
monuerim Subjunctive, active, perfect, first, singular
monuerís Subjunctive, active, perfect, second, singular
monuerit Subjunctive, active, perfect, third, singular
monuerímus Subjunctive, active, perfect, first, plural
monuerítis Subjunctive, active, perfect, second, plural
monuerint Subjunctive, active, perfect, third, plural
monuissem Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, first, singular
monuissés Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, second, singular
monuisset Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, third, singular
monuissémus Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, first, plural
monuissétis Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, second, plural
monuissent Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, third, plural
monear Subjunctive, passive, present, first, singular
moneáris Subjunctive, passive, present, second, singular
moneátur Subjunctive, passive, present, third, singular
moneámur Subjunctive, passive, present, first, plural
moneáminí Subjunctive, passive, present, second, plural
moneantur Subjunctive, passive, present, third, plural
monérer Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, first, singular
monéréris Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, second, singular
monérétur Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, third, singular
monérémur Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, first, plural
mornéréminí Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, second, plural
monérentur Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, third, plural
monitus sim Subjunctive, passive, perfect, first, singular
monitus essem Subjunctive, passive, pluperfect, first, singular
moné imperative, active, present, second, singular
monéte imperative, active, present, second, plural
monétó imperative, active, future, second, singular imperative, active, future, third, singular
monétóte imperative, active, future, second, plural
monentó imperative, active, future, third, plural
monére infinitive, active, present
monuisse infinitive, active, perfect
monitúrus esse infinitive, active, future
monérí infinitive, passive, present
monitus esse infinitive, passive, perfect
monitum írí infinitive, passive, future
monéns participle, active, present
monitúrus participle, active, future
monitus participle, passive, perfect
monendus participle, passive, future
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