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Latin-1st Conj.

Conjugations of the 1st-declension Latin verb- amó *tildes are macrons

amó Indicative, active, present, first, singular
amás Indicative, active, present, second, singular
amat Indicative, active, present, third, singular
amámus Indicative, active, present, first, plural
amátis Indicative, active, present, second, plural
amant Indicative, active, present, third, plural
amábam Indicative, active, imperfect, first, singular
amábás Indicative, active, imperfect, second, singular
amábat Indicative, active, imperfect, third, singular
amábámus Indicative, active, imperfect, first, plural
amábátis Indicative, active, imperfect, second, plural
amábant Indicative, active, imperfect, third, plural
amábó Indicative, active, future, first, singular
amábis Indicative, active, future, second, singular
amábit Indicative, active, future, third, singular
amábimus Indicative, active, future, first, plural
amábitis Indicative, active, future, second, plural
amábunt Indicative, active, future, third, plural
amáví Indicative, active, perfect, first, singular
amávistí Indicative, active, perfect, second, singular
amávit Indicative, active, perfect, third, singular
amávimus Indicative, active, perfect, first, plural
amávistis Indicative, active, perfect, second, plural
amávérunt Indicative, active, perfect, third, plural
amávére Indicative, active, perfect, third, plural
amáveram Indicative, active, pluperfect, first, singular
amáverás Indicative, active, pluperfect, second, singular
amáverat Indicative, active, pluperfect, third, singular
amáverámus Indicative, active, pluperfect, first, plural
amáverátis Indicative, active, pluperfect, second, plural
amáverant Indicative, active, pluperfect, third, plural
amáveró Indicative, active, future perfect, first, singular
amáveris Indicative, active, future perfect, second, singular
amáverit Indicative, active, future perfect, third, singular
amáverimus Indicative, active, future perfect, first, plural
amáveritis Indicative, active, future perfect, second, plural
amáverint Indicative, active, future perfect, third, plural
amor Indicative, passive, present, first, singular
amáris Indicative, passive, present, second, singular
amáre Indicative, passive, present, second, singular Present, active, infinitive
amátur Indicative, passive, present, third, singular
amámur Indicative, passive, present, first, plural
amáminí Indicative, passive, present, second, plural
amantur Indicative, passive, present, third, plural
amábar Indicative, passive, imperfect, first, singular
amábáris Indicative, passive, imperfect, second, singular
amábáre Indicative, passive, imperfect, second, singular
amábátur Indicative, passive, imperfect, third, singular
amábámur Indicative, passive, imperfect, first, plural
amábáminí Indicative, passive, imperfect, second, plural
amábantur Indicative, passive, imperfect, third, plural
amábor Indicative, passive, future, first, singular
amáberis Indicative, passive, future, second, singular
amábere Indicative, passive, future, second, singular
amábitur Indicative, passive, future, third, singular
amábimur Indicative, passive, future, first, plural
amábiminí Indicative, passive, future, second, plural
amábuntur Indicative, passive, future, third, plural
amátus sum Indicative, passive, perfect, first, singular
amátus eram Indicative, passive, pluperfect, first, singular
amátus eró Indicative, passive, future perfect, first, singular
amem Subjunctive, active, present, first, singular
amés Subjunctive, active, present, second, singular
amet Subjunctive, active, present, third, singular
amémus Subjunctive, active, present, first, plural
amétis Subjunctive, active, present, second, plural
ament Subjunctive, active, present, third, plural
amárem Subjunctive, active, imperfect, first, singular
amárés Subjunctive, active, imperfect, second, singular
amáret Subjunctive, active, imperfect, third, singular
amárémus Subjunctive, active, imperfect, first, plural
amárétis Subjunctive, active, imperfect, second, plural
amárent Subjunctive, active, imperfect, third, plural
amáverim Subjunctive, active, perfect, first, singular
amáverís Subjunctive, active, perfect, second, singular
amáverit Subjunctive, active, perfect, third, singular
amáverímus Subjunctive, active, perfect, first, plural
amáverítis Subjunctive, active, perfect, second, plural
amáverint Subjunctive, active, perfect, third, plural
amávissem Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, first, singular
amávissés Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, second, singular
amávisset Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, third, singular
amávissémus Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, first, plural
amávissétis Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, second, plural
amávissent Subjunctive, active, pluperfect, third, plural
amer Subjunctive, passive, present, first, singular
améris Subjunctive, passive, present, second, singular
amére Subjunctive, passive, present, second, singular
amétur Subjunctive, passive, present, third, singular
amémur Subjunctive, passive, present, first, plural
améminí Subjunctive, passive, present, second, plural
amentur Subjunctive, passive, present, third, plural
amárer Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, first, singular
amáréris Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, second, singular
amárére Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, second, singular
amárétur Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, third, singular
amárémur Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, first, plural
amáréminí Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, second, plural
amárentur Subjunctive, passive, imperfect, third, plural
amátus sim Subjunctive, passive, perfect, first, singular
amátus essem Subjunctive, passive, pluperfect, first, singular
amá imperative, active, present, second, singular
amáte imperative, active, present, second, plural
amátó imperative, active, future, second, singular imperative, active, future, third, singular
amátóte imperative, active, future, second, plural
amantó imperative, active, future, third, plural
amátor imperative, passive, future, second, singular imperative, passive, future, third, singular
amantor imperative, passive, future, third, plural
amávisse infinitive, active, perfect
amátúrus esse infinitive, active, future
amárí infinitive, passive, present
amátus esse infinitive, passive, perfect
amátum írí infinitive, passive, future
amáns participle, active, present
amátúrus participle, active, future
amátus participle, passive, perfect
amandus participle, passive, future
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