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weather and climate

science test 5/12/15

weather the conditions of atmosphere at a given location for a short period of time
climate the characteristic weather that prevails from season to season and year to year
air temperature measures how much kinetic energy the air molecules have
air pressure caused by the weight of atmosphere pushing down
wind the horizontal movement of air caused by differences in pressure
humidity moisture content of the atmosphere
what is weather caused by? the unequal heating of earth's surface, resulting in the formation of convection currents in our atmosphere
in what layer of our atmosphere does weather occur? troposphere
how does an air mass form? in our atmosphere, when air remains nearly stationary over a large section of earth's surface and takes condition of temperature and humidity from that location
what causes air masses to move? planetary wind belts
what is a front? boundaries between air masses, precipitation is likely to occur at these boundaries
high pressure system pleasant, sunny, clear weather, not cloudy or rainy, could happen in any season. wind moves clockwise, out and down
low pressure system lousy, cloudy, stormy weather, and depending on the season, could happen in any season. wind moves counterclockwise, in and up
in the United States, which way do high and low pressure systems move? the general movement is from west to east because of the prevailing westerly wind belt
what is the difference between weather and climate? weather is the daily atmospheric conditions for a specific location at a specific moment in time, climate is the average atmospheric conditions for a location over the course fo many months or years
what are the layers of the atmosphere (in ascending order)? troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere
what relationship does altitude and pressure have? altitude and temperature? indirect, indirect
what is atmospheric pressure affected by? water vapor
water vapor is light compared to what? dry air
what is the relationship between pressure and humidity? indirect
dew point temperature temperature at which the air is holding the maximum amount of water, the air is saturated
relative humidity ratio of the amount of water vapor in the air, to the maximum amount it can hold. it is usually expressed as a percentage
sling psychrometer instrument to measure dew point and relative humidity
how are winds described? the direction they come from
how do winds generally blow? from high pressure to low pressure
Created by: maddiemc3