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Key Concepts of GA habitats (reassessment)

The mountain region is located in the _____________ part of. northern
In what region is Georgia's state capitol found? Piedmont
What is the largest habitat in the state of Georgia? Coastal Plain
What are 2 factors that change the environment? fire & rain
True or False? A habitat provides everything a living thing needs to survive. true
What region of Georgia has rolling hills, trees, and rivers? Piedmont
What region of Georgia is made of a landform that is much higher than the land around it in northern part of the state? mountain
What region of Georgia is made up of a large body of salt water? Atlantic Ocean
What region of Georgia is home to the Okefenokee Swamp in the southern part of the state? wetland
True or False? Bats hibernate during the winter. true
True or False? Kangaroos use a to carry their babies. true
True or False? Crabs use claws to protect themselves. true
True or False? A moth uses a type of mimicry to scare away predators. true (It has a pattern that looks like an eye that scares away predators.)
True or False? Grasshoppers use camouflage to blend in with their environment. true (Their color blends in with their grassy surroundings.)
True or False? Polar bears have white fur and a thick layer of fat to stay warm. true
True or False? Rolled waxy leaves help plants save water. true
_________________ helps animals blend in with their environment. Camouflage
Animals, such as bears, _______________ in cold weather. hibernate
What problem do plants in the desert face? not getting enough water & nutrients
Some animals go into a deep sleep, usually during the colder months. This deep sleep is called _______________. hibernation
Birds and other animals travel back and forth from one place to another. When animals do this we call it ____________________. migration
An _________________ is a type of feature that helps a living thing survive. adaptation
Plants that live in the desert would need an adaptation to help them be able to get ___________. water
Some animals look like their surroundings in order to protect themselves from _______________. predators
A polar bear lives in a cold climate. An example of an adaptation it has would be its __________ to help keep it warm. fur
Some plants can climb up trees. T.his is an example of an adaptation to get nutrients from the ________ sun
True or False? A cactus has sharp thorns as an adaptation for nutrients and protection. true
True or False? A rose bush has thorns to protect it from some animals that would eat it. true
What region lies between the mountain region and the coastal plain region of Georgia? Piedmont
What is the name of the ocean that touched the state of Georgia? Atlantic Ocean
The environment is made up of ________________ & ____________________ things. living & nonliving
Gopher tortoises live in the _____________________ region. coastal plain
The Atlantic Ocean is located on the ______________ side of the state of Georgia. east
What is the name of the major mountain range that is in the northern part of Georgia? Appalachian Mountains
Created by: lasheabranton
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