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Science Final

What speeds up cell reactions amino acids
You shiver when it is cold, your body sweats when it is hot. This process relates to which of the following characteristics of living things? Respond to change
New organisms are produced either by sexual or asexual reproduction. How are both of these way similar? both have DNA
A phospholipids tail is Not attracted to water
A phospholipids head is Attracted to water
How does water CHEMICALLY break down rock Acids in water react to substances in the rock
What type of place would experience the most weathering? Lots of Rain, really hot summers, and freezing winters
Rocks in a river become ______________ because the surfaces are worn away. Smoother
What is oxidation? oxygen in air combines with elements in the rock causing chemical weathering in the rock
In the water cycle the sun causes Evaporation
What landform results from river and stream erosion? river channels
What are streams and creeks that flow into the Casselman River called Tributaries
When the water table is above earth's surface what forms? Lake
What do you call a system of many small streams / rivers that combine and drain into the ocean watershed
Rain, sleet, hale, and snow are examples of what during the water cycle. precipitation
How do caves form? Overtime acidic water erodes caves from tiny cracks and seams in limestone
How does a sea arch form?
What landforms are caused by glaciers? flat surfaces, valleys, ridges, outwash plains
How is sand created? waves hit rock which makes sand
To make food what materials do plants need? water and carbon dioxide
What is the passing of biological traits from one generation to the next? Heredity
What type of molecule is starch? Complex carbohydrate
What type of organism gets nutrients form eating other organisms? consumer
What do all living things have in common? DNA, Cells, Respond to environment, Grow, use energy,
What is different about Archaea and Human cells? In Archaea each cell must perform all life functions, human cells work together
The mitochondria produces what? ATP
What is the job of the lungs Move oxygen from air into blood
What types of cells differentiate? multicellular organisms
What is the function of chloroplasts convert sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water in sugar and oxygen
Why is it harder to see animals cells in a microscope compared to plant cells Plants have cell wall, animals cells do not
In a human the simplest form of life to most complex cell, tissues, organs, organ system
What does the cell membrane do? seperates the cell from environment, controls the movement of materials into and out, wastes move through membrane
Archaea live in extreme __________________, bacteria do not. environments
How are bacteria classified? How the get their food
How can people protect themselves before they become infected by pathogenic bacteria vaccines
What is a characteristic of Cyanobacteria? They can make their own food
How do viruses harm organisms? The Lytic cycle results in burst cells
What do viruses and bacteria have in common? They have DNA
What are the shapes of bacteria and viruses Bacteria - rod, sphere, spiral Virus - Crystal, sphere, cylinder, spacecraft
Why are virus not living? Viruses don't eat, grow, develop, or need air
What pair of forces are balanced 10 N North and 10 N South
Friction acting on a rolling ball that eventually brings it to a stop is an example of what? unbalanced force
A picture is hanging on a nail in the wall. What forces are interacting the most with the picture Gravity and friction
If balanced forces act on a n object what is the outcome that should be expected the objects acceleration will be zero
Gravity depends on what two things? Mass and distance
If a simple machine decreases the input force require it does so by Increasing the distance over which the input force is exerted
A wheelchair ramp 8m long and .8m high what is the ramp's mechanical advantage 10
A movable pulley input force is 20 N. What is the output force? 20 N
How can you make a wheelbarrow better for lifting things increase the distance
Give an example of a third class lever stapler
What is a machine device that makes work easier
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