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Latin Review 1


What was an exercise area called? Palestra
Changing room called? Apodyterium
A body scraper? Strigil
Outdoor swimming pools? Natationes
Room to cool off in? Frigidarium
Bathing complex? Thermae
Warm Room and water? Tepidarium
Heating system? Hypocaust
Hot room; hot water? Calidarium
Private baths? Balnea
Mappa is used for what? Start a race.
What sport had mized gender viewing? Chariot racing
How did you recognize a team? By color.
Number of laps in a race? VII
Seating capacity of Roman Circus? 1/4 million
Who could be a charioteer? Slaves
Ludi were originally? Munera
Colesseum was called Flavian Amphitheatre
What is a "police verso"? Thumb turned down
Who attended the ludi? Everyone - all classes
What did gladiators say to salute? Nos morituri te salutamus
Who were gladiators mostly? Untrained slaves/criminals
Where could you see a sea battle in Rome? Colosseum
Where did name colosseum come? Statue of Nero
Who was defeated at philippi? Brutus
Who was the uncle of octavian? Julius Caesar
Who had a daughter named Tullia? Cicero
Name the 1st Triumvirate Caesar, Pompey, Crassus
Who was "Pater Patriae?" Cicero
What race was superstitious? Roman
Boys/girls ready for what at 12/14? Marriage
What was easy for a man/woman to get but you had to marry 1st? Divorce
How many Balnea were in Rome? 900
Romans bathed when? Daily
Describe a "toga virilis" Plain white adult
Describe an educated Roman Know Latin/Greek/Oratory
Where did a Roman go to college? Greece
A greek agora = a Roman? Forum
Romans borrowed from Greeks in? Religion, philosophy, math, architecture.
Created by: merrickirvin