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34-39 Derivatives

Ecce Romani Chapters 34-39 Derivatives

Modish Typical of a certain way
Paucity Scarcity
Exhaust To empty, use up
Nimiety A great amount, abundance
Pejorative A negative tone
Meliorate To make better
Florid Beautiful, artful
Merely Purely, barely
Placate To make happy, please
Timorous Full of fear
Incredulous Not full of belief, trust, unbelievable
Vulnerable Able to be wounded, susceptible
AUC Ab Urbe Condita (from the city having been founded)
Percussive Beating, striking loudly
Prone Leaning toward the inevitable
Gravigrade Taking heavy steps, to be heavy
Ligature Coupling that binds mouthpiece to reed
Miscreant Disbelieving
Ligament Binds things together
Gravitras Seriousness, long-standing
Deus ex machina God from the machine
Erudite Smart
Castigation The act of scolding
Incendiary Flammable, assisting in fire
Marina A place where you put a boat
Conative Expresses an attempt
Indelible Not able to be destroyed
Terra in cognita Undiscovered land
Carthago delenda est Carthage must be destroyed (ND=necessity)
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