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Science discussion

important stuff

What are the characteristics do echinoderms have? invertabrates w/ an internal skeleton and a system of fluid filled tubes called a water vascular system.
identify the four major groups of echinoderms sea stars, brittle stars, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers.
what is the differnce between an ectotherm and an endotherm? an ectotherm iss an animal whose body does not produce much internal heat while an endotherm is an animal wose body regulates it's own tempiture by contoliing the internal heat it produces.
why d fishes have gills? becaus ethey get oxygen from the water....?
what are the main characteristics of an amphibian? a vertabrate that is ectothermic and spends it's early life in water.
what are the 3 main characteristics of anphibians? a vertabrate that is ectothermic and spends it's early life in water.
what is a reptile? an ectothermic vertabrate that has lungs and scaly skin.
??? birds are adapted for living in diverse enviorment. You can see some of these adaptions in the shape of their legs, claws and bills.
lift upward force...explained vvv down vvv
lift the differnce in pressure above and below the wings as a bird moves through the air produces an upward that causes a bird to fly.
characterristics all mammals are ectothermic that have a four chambered heart and skin covered with fur or hair. Most mammals are born alive, and every young and every young mammal is fed with milk produced in it's others body.
Created by: irockoutloud