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DLS Latin 1 pg 206

DLS Jenny's first year Latin Page 206

anguis, anguis m. or f. (i-stem) snake
carmen, carminis n. song, poem
herba, -ae f. grass
lēx, lēgis f. law, rule
uxor, uxōris f. wife
aspiciō, aspicere, aspixī, aspectum look at, behold, see
respiciō, respicere, respexī, respectum look back at; (of a god) look with favor upon.
capiō, capere, cēpī, captum take, capture
faciō, facere, fēcī, factum make do
dēnique adv. finally, at last, at length
paene adv. almost
statim adv. immediately, at once
cōnslium capiō is an idiom meaning I form (or make) a plan.
Faciō is like dūcō in the present active imperative 2d person singular: fac its compounds, however, keep the -e.
Faciō may have an adverb instead of a direct object when it means DO in the sense of ACT.
Fac amīcē Act in a friendly manner = Be Friendly.
confection any kind of candy or sweet preparation
defective imperfect, faulty
deficient lacking in some essential, incomplete
efficacious effective, having the intended result
facile easy; requiring little effort
herbaceous having the nature of herbs
incipient just beginning to exist; in the first stage
legitimate lawful, reasonable
uxorious submissive to or doting on one’s wife
compounds of capiō, -cipiō, -cipere, -cēpī, -ceptum
accipiō, accipere, accēpī, acceptum receive
excipiō, excipere, excēpī, exceptum take out, catch
incipiō, incipere, incēpī, inceptum begin (transitive)
praecipiō, praecipere, praecēpī, praeceptum receive in advance; instruct, teach (w. direct and indirect object)
recipiō, recipere, recēpī, receptum take back, accept
compounds of faciō, which becomes -ficiō, -ficere, -fēcī, -fectum:
conficiō, conficere, confēcī, confectum finish, accomplish; use up, weaken
deficiō, deficere, defēcī, defectum fail, run out, be deficient
efficiō, efficere, effēcī, effectum produce, effect, make
interficiō, interficere, interfēcī, interfectum destroy, kill
Other derivatives of Facio; facilis, -e easy
Other derivatives of Facio; difficilis,-e difficult, hard
Created by: ka1usg