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Vocabulary Drills

1-12 Review

exclude to shut out or keep out
exclusive not shared with others
expire to come to an end; to die
miscalculate figure out something incorrectly
misconception a wrong understanding of something
shrewd sharp minded; intelligent
exceed go beyond; outdo; surpass
sustain experience; undergo
fulfill completely satisfied
formally officially; not casually
illiterate unable to read
incapable not able to do something
inhabit to live in
nonprofit not for the purpose of making money
illegible cannot be read easily
conducted performed; carried on
discontinued put an end to
stern severe; harsh
sprightly lively; spirited
devote give full attention to
disorient lose your sense of direction or time or place
dislodge to force out of place
decompose separated into basic elements, rot
deduction something that has been taken away
detract to draw or take away a part of a thing
remedy medicine; cure
eliminate get rid of; leave out
confine keep from leaving, imprison
disciplined trained to behave properly
reduce lower or lessen
adhere to stick or cling strongly
adapt to make something fit often by modifying it
adjacent next to or close by
accent to stress or emphasize
affirm approve or state firmly
originate begin
direct straightforward; bold
indicate point to; are a sign of
posture body position
submissive yielding to authority; obedient
distinctive special; recognizably different
graduated passed from one level to a higher one
decade period of 10 years
tribulation great trouble or distress
cult group showing great admiration
compose to put together
forte in a loud and forceful manner
confirm to verify or to give support to
collaborate to work together
convention a coming together of a group of people
prejudice opinion formed before the facts are known
precede to go before
postpone to put off until a later date
diction manner of expressing ideas in words
prefix the part of the word that is fixed before the root
troupe a group of performers
attain gain or reach something
fold close or shut down
seasoned experienced
understudy substitute performer
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