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1st + 2nd declension adjectives

bonus bona,bonum good
carus cara,carum dear
ceteri caterae,cetera the rest,others
dirus dira,dirum dreadful
iratus irata,iratum angry
laetus laeta,laetum happy
latus lata,latum wide
longus longa,longum long
magnus magna.magnum big,large,great
malus mala,malum evil,bad
medius media,medium middle
meus mea,meum my
miser misera,miserum sad,miserable
multus multa,multum much,many
novus nova,novum new
nullus nulla,nullum not any,no
parvus parva,parvum small
pauci paucae,pauca few,a few
perterritus perterrita,perterritum terrified
plenus plena,plenum full
primus prima,primum first
proximus proxima,proximum nearest,next
pulcher pulchra,pulchrum beautiful
quantus quanta,quantum how big,much
romanus romana,romanum roman
sacer sacra,sacrum sacred
saevus saeva,saevumm savage,cruel
solus sola,solum alone,lonely
stultus stulta,stultum stupid,foolish
summus summa,summum highest,great
tantus tanta,tantum so great,much
totus tota,totum whole
Created by: suaada_bered