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what does DEA do prevent illegal distribution and misuse of controlled substances.
2 negative formulary drugs Estrogen and Digitoxin
Monograph labeling a product ( must include directions for use, unsafe dosages , manufacture, packer distributor , quantity and weight
controlled substances recalls C1: Lsd and Heroin C2: Morphine Cocaine C3: Vicodin , Tylenol w/ codeine C4: Valium , Ativan C5: Robitussim ,Lomotil
Food drug cosmetic act labeling for products/define misbranding
What can a pharmacy technician CAN NOT do dispense medication without authorization consult patient take verbal prescription orders over the phone
prescription drug market avoid counterfeit drug (Supply chain)
Drug addiction treatment prescribe controlled substances to people suffering from opioid addiction
Board of pharmacy (BOP) Regulates the practice of pharmacy (1:1)`
federal food and drug act truthful information on the label
orphan drug act rare diseases
Protected health information (PHI) Describes patients personal health data
Medicare Modernization Act provides a drug discount card to those with low income
Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act strict guidelines that address areas in manufacturing law enforcement
poison prevention packaging act safety caps on medications
omnibus Budget Reconciliation (OBRA'90) Must consult all patients who receive new prescriptions
controlled substances Narcotics
what is opium poopy seed plant
Controlled substances definition Any drug or other substances that is scheduled 1 through 5
Harrison Narcotic act need prescriptions to obtain opium
Durham -Humphrey Prohibits dispensing without a prescription (Caution)
Counseling of patients of (OBRA) Information on the drug they are taking ,Drug name, When to take it, How long to take it , possible side effects
Anabolic Steroids Control act Enforce regulations on drug abuse
Comprehensive Drug abuse prevention and control act Created stair - step schedule
Health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPPA) protecting the patients right
Where can the facts and comparisons book be found Reference book
Kefauver Harris amendment Ensure the safety and effectiveness of all new drugs
class 1 recall serious /fatal harm
class 2 recall slight threat/ serious harm
class 3 recall Minor defect / not harm patient
negative Drug Formula Drugs that are not to be substituted with a generic drug
When can you use the ratio in Florida for pharmacist to pharmacy with permission from the board of pharmacy
what are the 2 negative drugs pancreas and Theo-dur
Non-formula Drug Drugs that are not on the formulary list
Occupational Safety and health administration (OSHA) Safety in workplace
form 224 used for dispense controlled substances
form 222 used for ordering/transferring scheduled 2 substances
form 41 used for Destroying damaged controlled substances
what does the DEA number represent They represent the doctors last name first initial. Fist letter has to be an A or B and then the second letter represents the doctors last name first initial followed by numbers afterwards.
how do u tell if the DEA number is correct Add the 1st 3rd 5th numbers together and then add the 2nd 4th 6th number together. then times the answer by 2 (Example DEA #AB3652989 1st + 3rd + 5th Number = 3 + 5 + 9 = ___17 2nd + 4th + 6th Number = 6 + 2 + 8= 16 X 2
Ordering controlled substance form must be kept form 2yrs
Refills C2: 0 C3-C4: 5times within 6months non-controlled prescriptions: multiple times up to 12months
Created by: kiyaaa
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