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IV therapy ch 5

A device that functions to prevent retro buried solution flow Backcheck valve
A flexible tube that may be inserted into a duct, cavity, or blood vessel to deliver medication or drain fluid. It may be guided by a shark, pointed estimate (stylet); also called a catheter Cannula
A cannula inserted into a vein to administer fluids or medications or to measure pressure Catheter (intravenous)
Visible, as well as microscopic, particles of rubber bung displaced by the spike during piercing of the glass container or needle during excess of implanted vascular access devices Coring
Area of the intravenous administration set usually found under the spike where the solution drips and collects before running through the IV tubing Drip chamber
The number of drops needed for delivery of 1 mL of fluid Drop factor
A portable and fusion device with a balloon (elastomeric) made of soft rubberized material that is inflated with medication to a predetermined volume; when the tubing is unclamp, positive pressure is exerted to deliver the infusion elastomeric Pump
And infusion pump powered by electricity or battery; program to regulate the IV flow rate either and drops per minute or milliliters per hour Electric infusion device
A special porous device used for illuminating certain elements, ass and particles of certain size in a solution Filter
A size of cannula opening; a standard of measurement Gauge
Female connection point of and Ivy cannula where the IV administration set or syringe is attached Hub
A catheter surgically placed into a muscle or body cavity and attached to a reservoir Implanted vascular access port
Refers to medication or solutions administered via an infusion Infusate
The space within a tubular structure, such as an entry, vein or catheter Lumen
A design that incorporates a threat of sleep and a male who luer Luer-lock
in IV therapy, and in ministration set that is used to deliver measured amount of IV solutions at a specific flow rate based on the size of the drop of the solution Macrodrip
Microscopic collection of articles, such as platelets, leukocytes, and fibrin, That can exist in store blood Microaggregate
IV therapy, and administration set that deliver a small amount of IV solutions; drop factor of 60 drops/mL Microdrip
Longer perform IV catheter placed in a peripheral hang, generally inserted it about the Antecubital fossa, with the catheter tip residing below that excellent realign. In infants, a midline catheter may be placed in a scalp vein what that tip terminating Midline catheter
Electric infusion of ice that delivers multiple drugs or solutions simultaneously or intermittently from bags, slaves, or syringes Multi channel pump
A device attached to the hub of the peripheral IV catheter or central vascular access device that allows the tip of a syringe or male Leur end and of the IV administration set to be attached. Needleless connector
A device that consist of a needle with a catheter sheet; the needle is removed leaving a plastic catheter in place, the most common type of peripheral IV catheter Over the needle catheter
A drug delivery system that dispenses a preset intravascular dose of a narcotic analgesic when the patient pushes a switch an electric cord Patient controlled analgesia (PCA)
A central vascular access device via the peripheral veins and advance to the superior vena cava Peripherally inserted central catheter or (PICC)
Point of entry Port
Device used for delivery parenteral solutions Primary administration set
Pounds per square inch; a measurement of pressure: one psi equals 50 mmHg or 68 cm H2O Psi
Material used in IV catheter that can be identified by radiographic examination Radiopaque
Administration set that has short tubing used for delivery of 50-150 ML (or sometimes greater volumes of up to 500 ML) of infusion attached to primary administration set for intermittent delivery of medication or solutions Secondary administration set
Needle or guy that is found inside a catheter used for vein penetration and removed after catheter insertion Stylet
Piston driven pumps that provide precise infusion by controlling the rate of drive speed syringe size Syringe pump
A long-term type of central vascular access device; the proximal end of the catheter is Tunnel subcutaneously from the insertion site and brought out through the skin it and exit site Subcutaneously tunneled catheter
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