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Exam Review 1

Hayden-1st semester exam review

geography the study of everything
cartography the study of maps and mapmaking
meteorology the study of weather
latitude imaginary lines that run east and west and measure north and south
longitude imaginary lines that run north and south and easure east and west
equator imaginary line of latitude that divides the earth into northern and southern hemispheres
prime meridian imaginary line of longitude that divides the earth into eastern and western hemispheres
compass rose cardinal directions given on a map
precipitation rain, sleet, hail and snow
rotation the spinning of the earth on its axis
revolution the yearly orbit of the earth around the sun
solstice point at which the earth's axis is pointing toward or away from the sun
equinox point at which the sun is perpendicular to the earth's axis giving equal parts of day and night
biosphere all plants and animals found on the earth
lithosphere the earth's crust aboev and below the oceans
hydrosphere all water found on the earth in liquid, solid and gaseous forms
atmosphere the envelope of gases that suround the earth
weather atmospheric conditions at a given point at a given time
global warming the rise in surface tempreture on the earth due to an increase in greenhouse gases
theory of plate tectonics the idea that the earth's crust is broken and moves on the magma found below
3 ways plates move spread apart, collide and rub together
hydrologic cycle evaporation-->condensation-->precipitation
deforestation the cutting down of trees
fossil fuels non-renewable energy created from dead organisms (coal, oil & natural gas)
birthrate number of babies born per 1,000 people
deathrate number of deaths per 1,000 people
push factors factors causing people to leave an area
pull factors factors causing people to move to an area
culture the traditions and behaviors of a group of people
urbanization movement of people into cities
subsistence agriculture growing of crops to feed oneself and family
nationalism intense feeling of pride in one's country
capitalism business is owned and operated by private individuals
communism economic system in which the government owns all means of production
judaism torah; star of david
christianity bible; cross
hinduism the vedas; the cow
buddhism baghavat gita; statue of buddha
confucianism writings of confucius; yin-yang
islam quran; prayer rugs
Created by: chayden