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8th history test 5

chapter 12 South America

tepuis a chain of hich plateaus edged by cliffs
llanos a large plains area in Northeast columbia and venezuela
Gran Chaco hunting land
Pampas a wide grassland farther south of the Gran Chaco or hunting grounds
tree line the line above which trees do not grow
El Nino the eastern Pacific Ocean is warmer and the climate much wetter than normal
La Nina pacific waters are colder than normal
chibcha a south american tribe in the colombian andes who gave us the legend of El Dorado
Inca founded south america's greatest early civilization. at its height this empire streched from what is now ecuador to central chile.
latifundia large estates
buffer state a small country between two larger, more powerful ones
coup (pronounced koo) a group would take power by force in this event
manioc a tropical plant with starcy roots
minifundia when large estates were broken up this was the result usually they had poor land and were too small to be profitable
favelas in brazil poor people who live in the large city slums
landlocked a country that has no border on the ocean
terrorism the use of fear and violence as a political force (example is 9/ll)
altiplano high plateau
deforestation the cutting down of trees to better the economy
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