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lesson 15


心事 xīnshì something weighing on one’s mind
闹翻 nào fān to have a falling out (with somebody)
心情 xīnqíng mood
情况 qíngkuàng situation
高中 gāozhōng senior high school
经常 jīngcháng frequently
性格 xìnggé personality, disposition
十分 shífēn very
开朗 kāilǎng outgoing and cheerful
脾气 píqi temper, temperament
急躁 jízào impetuous, impatient
兴趣 xìngqu hobbies
体育 tǐyù physical education, sports
节目 jiémù (TV, radio) program
戏迷 xìmí theater buff
古典音乐 gǔdiàn yīnyuè classical music
摇滚乐 yáogǔnyuè rock n’ roll music
不同 bùtóng different, difference
交往 jiāowǎng to socialize, to have dealings with
相处 xiāngchǔ to get along, to interact
文化 wénhuà culture
背景 bèijǐng background
有空 yǒu kòng to have free time
ō oh
喝醉酒 hē zuì jiǔ to get drunk
zuì drunk
厉害 lìhai terrible, severe
以来 yǐlái since
屋里 wūli inside the room
镜子 jìngzi mirror
打破 dǎ pò to break into pieces
难听 nántīng ugly to listen to
chuī (col) to break up, (lit) to blow
难怪 nánguài no wonder
从来 cónglái ever (usually followed by neg.)
吵架 chǎo jià to quarrel
tǐng (col) quite, rather
后悔 hòuhuǐ to regret
放假 fàng jià to have a holiday/vacation, have a day off
憋死 biē sǐ to suffocate, to feel stifled
校园 xiàoyuán campus
酒吧 jiǔbā bar
电影院 diànyǐngyuàn movie theater, cinema
yǎn (of plays or movies) play
(MW movies, multivolume books, etc.)
děng to wait
见面 jiàn miàn to meet, get together
tán to talk, to discuss
天花 Tiānhuá (a unisex name)
汤姆 Tāngmǔ Tom
丽沙 Lìshā Lisa
Created by: chibitrochan
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