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Neuro Exam- MG

Autoimmune disorder where impulses can't cross neuromuscular junction d/t damaged acetylcholine receptors
MG affects voluntary muscles. Weankess ______ with activity worsens
MG is purely a _____disorder motor
MG is individualized. Course is ________ unpredictable
Most commonly affects young adult women ages _____and men _____ but can occur at any age 20-40 F and 60 M
80% of patients with MG will have either thymic hyperplasia or thymic tumor, because Thymus is the site of acetylcholine antibody production
Earliest s/s of MG involve eye or occular muscle (ptosis or diploplia)
Muscle weakness in the diaphragm and intercostal muscles lead to increased r/o RR failure, pneumonia
Laryngeal involvement can lead to dysphagia, dysphonia
Neuro exam with MG will include normal _____ test sensory
Diagnosis is confirmed by ________ test. Detects acetylcholine receptor antibodies. Tensilon
In this test, ________ is given IV. 30 seconds after injection, facial muscle weakness and ptosis resolve for 5 minutes. Tensilon
What must be on hand to control SE of Tensilon test? Atropine
What is significant SE of Tensilon test? Bradycardia
MRI or CT will show ____ in 90% of cases Enlargement of thymus gland
Created by: mreedy