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2nd declension nouns

amicus amici,m. friend
animus animi,m. spirit,soul,mind
annus anni,m. year
auxilium auxilii,n. aid,help
bellum belli,n. war
caelum caeli,n. sky,heaven
castra castrorum,n,pl. camp
cibus cibi,m. food
consilium consilii,m. plan,idea,advice
deus dei,m. god
dominus domini,m. master
donum doni,n. gift,present
equus equi,m. horse
ferrum ferri,n. iron,sword
filius filii,m. son
forum fori,m. forum,market place
gladius gladii,m. sword
hortus horti,m. garden
imperium imperii,n. empire,power
legatus legati,m. commander
libertus liberti,m. freedman
locus loci,m. place
maritus mariti,m. husband
modus modi,m. manner,kind
murus muri,m. wall
nuntius nuntii,m. messenger
periculum periculi,m. danger
praemium praemii,n. prize,reward
puer pueri,m. boy
servus servi,m. slave
signum signi,n. sign,signal
templum templi,n. temple
verbu, verbi,n. word
vinum vini,n. win
vir viri,m. man
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