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4th Grade Science Standard 3 Utah

Layer of solid uniform rock found beneath the soil. Bedrock
Loosening, transporting, and relocation of soil particles from one place to another. Erosion
Changing from a liquid to a solid. Freeze
Rocks formed by volcanic action or intense heat. Igneous
Soils with an ideal mixture of sand, silt, and clay which are considered to be the best type of soil for plants. Loams
Rocks that have changed form due to heat and pressure. Metamorphic
Something found naturally in the earth, a rock or ore. Mineral
Things that are dead. The soil has non-living pieces of plant material in it. Nonliving
Something that provides food. The plant grew well because of the nutrient in the soil. Nutrient
Layer of small rocks that have started to break off from the bedrock which will eventually become the soil. Parent Material
A side view or outline. We could see the different layers in the soil profile. Profile
The parts that hold the whole together. Structural support
Layer of soil found beneath the topsoil. Subsoil
To become warmer so that ice or snow melts. Thaw
Rich, dark layer of soil found at the surface. Topsoil
To become worn down by wind or water Weathering
Created by: utah4thgrade