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Micro 2015-GBates

Final Exam- Test 5

If a substance is bacteriostatic it does what to a bacteria? Stops it from reproducing
Which is the best type of Antibiotic action (least likely to harm host)? Attack cell wall
Narrow spectrum antibiotics kill___ type of microbes specific
What is the major reason for antibiotic resistance? Antibiotics in feed
Which freshwater zone demonstrates the health of the entire system benthic
Limnetic zone is muck at bottom
Which microbe is a major problem during eutriphication Dinoflagellates
Which drug contains a B-lactam ring? penicillin
Yeasts are treated with? Azoles
Which of the following is a ruminant? goat
What is the major microbe controlling the P cycle? Thiobacillus
Which genera of bacteria grows in legume root nodules? Rhizobium
Which major group of drugs are used against Gram Positive bacteria? Penicillin
Cheddar is made from Curds
Curds are a Solid
Biofuel uses what major function to be produced? Fermentation
Mycorrhizae are found in Plants
What preservation technique knocks chunks out of DNA? Ionizing radiation
Wine is produced from what type of fruit? Sugary
Sulfa drugs are added to crushed grapes at the beginning of making wine. True/False True
During eutriphication, which zone of the lake comes to the surface? Profundal
In antagonsim, two drugs are___than a single drug. worse
What is the first item added to prep drinking water. flocculent
Type I anaphylactic reactions occur because of which type of cell IgE
Type 2 cyctotoxic reactions occur because of which type of cell IgA
Type 3 immune complex reactions occur because of which type of cell IgG
Type 4 delayed hypersensitivity reactions occur because of which type of cell T cells
The holistic idea of consuming local milk and honey is actually doing ___ Desensitizing
ABO blood clotting is due to __ reaction cytotoxic
Poison ivy dermatitis is due to ___ reaction delayed hypersensitive
Which type of hypersensitivity occurs fastest anaphylactic
Penicillin works against Gram + bacteria
Bioremediation is cleaning up ____ Pollution
What occurs during primary treatment of waste water Removal of excess N,P
What is produced with a sewage digester? Methane
Which is not a method that bacteria use to stop antibiotics? attack central metabolism
Vancomycin cell wall
Penicillin cell wall
Cephalosporin cell wall
Bacitracin cell wall
chloramphenical Protein synthesis
erythromycin Protein synthesis
tetracycline Protein synthesis
Streptomycin Protein synthesis
Quinolone DNA Replication
Rifampin DNA Replication
Polymixin B Cell membrane
Sulfanilamide Metabolite synthesis
Trimethoprim Metabolite synthesis
soma body
spiro coil
thio sulfur
trich a hair
zoo animal
Created by: arichardson_14