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68c ph2 exam7

intro to GU system/Voiding Dysfunction

What is excessive urination at night? nocturia
what are the phases of urine formation? 1.Filtration 2.Reabsorption 3.Secretion
Functional unit of the kidney responsible for filtering the blood and processing the urine Nephron
What are the parts of the renal tubule? -the Bowman's capsule -proximal Convoluted tubule -Loop of Henle -Distal convoluted tubule -Collecting duct
who in the 15-001 class is allergic to peanut butter but NOT regular peanuts? Mendoza
what is the most common urinary diagnostic test? Urinalysis
Blood Tests related to the renal system -Serum Creatinine -BUN -PSA -Osmolality
What blood test is the most reliable indicator of kidney function? Serum Creatinine
what test measures the weight of the solvent compared with the weight of the solute? Osmolality
What age related change in males makes them more prone to UTIs? Prostate enlargement
what does BUN stand for and where is it excreted from? Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN).Excreted by the kidneys
who is secretly straight in the 15-001 class? Perez
what is the purpose of a Retrograde Pyelography? Examines lower urinary tract with a sterile cystoscope
Voiding Cystourethrography is used to... Detects abnormalities of the bladder and urethra
A Non-invasive procedure that Identifies the kidney's shape, size, location, collecting systems, and adjacent tissues it identifies renal cysts or obstruction sites, assistance in needle placement, and drainage of a renal abscess Ultrasonography
what is a Cystoscopy ? Visual examination to inspect, treat, evaluate or diagnose disorders of the urinary bladder and proximal structures
what procedure is performed with a nylon brush via ureteral catheter during cystoscopy? a Brush Biopsy
what would the nurse assess for in a patient after a renal biopsy? hematuria
Produced by normal prostate tissue, prostate specific glycoprotein. Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)
Who's first name in the 15-001 class is Eron? Johnson!
what is the purpose of Intravenous Pyleography/ Intravenous Urography? Evaluates structures of the urinary tract, Locates urinary tract obstructions , Assists in the investigation of flank pain, hematuria, or renal calculi
What is the type of tissue in the bladder accounting for the stretch? Transitional epithelium
where is Involuntary control over voiding located? Internal sphincter
where does voluntary control over voiding happen? External sphincter
what is the hourly output of urine? at least 30ml/hr
what is helpful for bladder training? pelvic floor muscle training exercises (Kegel exercises)
Some members of the 15-001 class believe she is an alien in disguise with gold hair and a brain made of jewels... SGT Barns
How much urine does the bladder hold? Bladder holds 750-1000 mL
How much urine causes the urge to urinate? 250 mL stimulates the urge to urinate
How much urine does the body form on a daily basis? 1000-2000 mL
Anuria is associated with how many mls of urine? less than 100 mL
Oliguria is associated with how many mls of urine? 400 mL or less
Polyuria is associated with how many mls of urine? 2.5 L or more
Name the two types of medications you might give for urinary retention. Analgesics and Antispasmodics
What is the most common reason for urinary retention in men? Prostate issues-BPH
what are the two types of neurogenic bladder? Spastic bladder and Flaccid bladder
Will the effects of a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor cause hypokalemia or hyperkalemia? hypokalemia
while administering diuretics the nurse should assess for _________ imbalance in the morning labs. electrolyte
Your patient is being admitted with a diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome. Which type of diuretic do you anticipate the physician will order? loop diuretic
Potassium sparing diuretics are also known as ________________? aldosterone-inhibiting diuretics
A patient with which metabolic disease should be monitored for glycosuria while using a thiazide diuretic? Diabetes
who in the 15-001 class has a bachelor degree on Biology? Gerrrrbie!
what discharge teaching should the nurse include for a patient going home with phenazopyridine hydrochloride (Pyridium)? Urine will appear reddish-orange in color
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