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Micro 2015-GBates

Final Exam- Test 2

Unzip double helix Helicase
Unwind chromosome Gyrase
Repairs light damage Photolyase
Glues DNA together Ligase
Cuts DNA inside the strand Endonuclease
Cyano blue
Cyt cell
Epi Upon
Erythro Red
Firmi Strong
Flav yellow
Fruct fruit
Gamet To marry
Gel to stiffen
Gracili thin
Hema blood
Herpes creeping
Hetero different
Hist Tissue
Sensitization involves? Mechanical removal
Ribosomes are made up of ___ and proteins? ribosomal RNA
What of the following is a vector in genetic engineering? Plasmid
Which of the following is the highest level of microbial control? Sterilization
Prior to protein synthesis, the DNA Serves as a template for the production of mRNA
Which organism can do transcription and translation simultaneously? E. coli
Which is most directly responsible for the sequence of amino acids in a protein? The sequence of codons in mRNA
Differential media___ differentiates between species by phenotype
________ are no needed for PCR. RNA Polymerase
Which of the following nucleotide bases is found only in DNA, no in RNA? Thymine
An operon is found in prokaryotes
In a repressible operon, what causes the operon to shut OFF? Too much end product
What is NOT part of an operon? Regulator
What is the function of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in genetic engineering? Make millions of copies of a specific segment of DNA
What are the segments on the lagging strand during DNA replication called? Okazoki fragments
What happens in transcription and translation in Prokaryotes that differs from Eukaryotes? Happens simultaneously
How do low temperatures effect microbes? Slows them down
A gene is best defined as A sequence of nucleotides in DNA that codes for a functional product
Why does dehydrating food stop microbial growth? There is no water for hydrolysis
Conjugation differs from reproduction because conjugation Transfers DNA horizontally, to cells in the same generation
Which of the following statements is FALSE? DNA replication proceeds in one direction around the bacterial chromosome.
Genetic change in bacteria can be brought about by Mutation Conjugation Transduction Transformation
An enzyme that cuts double-stranded DNA at specific nucleotide sequences Restriction enzyme
Steps to make a bacterium produce human protein X in order: DNA Isolation Restriction enzyme DNA ligase Transformation Prokaryotic transcription Prokaryotic translation
Organism in order most to Least resistant ~Most resistant~ Prion
Organism in order most to Least resistant #2 Endospore
Organism in order most to Least resistant #3 Mycobacteria
Organism in order most to Least resistant #4 Cyst of Protozoa
Organism in order most to Least resistant #5 Vegetative protozoa
Organism in order most to Least resistant #6 Gram negative
Organism in order most to Least resistant #7 Fungi
Organism in order most to Least resistant #8 Non enveloped virus
Organism in order most to Least resistant #9 Gram positive
Least resistant Enveloped virus
Created by: arichardson_14