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3rd conjugation verbs

accido accidere,accidi to happen
accipio accipere,accepi,acceptus to accept,receive
ago agere,egi,actus to do,act,drive
capio capere,cepi,captus to capture,catch
cognosco cognoscere,cognovi,cognitus to get to know,find out
cogo cogere,coegi,coactus to force,compel
conficio conficere,confeci,confectus to finish, wear out
conspicio conspicere,conspexi,conspectus to catch sight of
constituo constituere,constitui,constiutus to decide
consumo consumere,consumpsi,consumptus to eat
credo credere,crededi,creditus+dat to believe
cupio cupere,cupivi to desire,want
curro currere,cucurri,cursus to run
dico dicere,dixi,dictus to say
discedo discedere,discessi to depart,leave
duco ducere,duxi,ductus to lead,take
effugio effugere,effugi to escape
fugio fugere,fugi to flee,run away
facio facere,feci,factus to make,do
fundo fundere,fudi,fusus to pour
gero gerere,gessi,gestus to wage(war),wear(clothes)
iacio iacere,ieci,iactus to throw
incendo incendere,incendi,incensus to burn
intellego intellegere,intellexi,intellectus to understand
interficio interficere,interfeci,interfectus to kill
lego legere,legi,lectus to read,choose
mitto mittere,misi,missus to send
occido occidere,occidi,occisus to kill
ostendo ostendere,ostendi,ostentus to show
peto petere,petivi,putatus to make for,attack,beg for,ask for,seek
pono ponere,posui,positus to place,put
procedo procedere,processi to proceed,advance
promitto promittere,promisi,promissus to promise
puto putere,putavi,putatus to think
quaero quaerere,quaesivi,quaesitus to search for
rapio rapere,rapui,raptus to seize,grab
reddo reddere,reddidi,redditus to restore,give back
relinquo relinquere,reliqui,relictus to leave
resisto resistere,restiti+dat to resist
scribo scribere,scripsi,scriptus to write
surgo surgere,surrexi to get up,rise
trado tradere,tradidi,traditus to hand over
traho trahere.traxi,tractus to drag
verto vertere,verti,versus to turn
vinco vincere,vici,victus to conquer,win
vivo vivere,vixi to live,be alive
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