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Vocabulary 3

Spratley, Mrs.Cawthon Class

il-, im-, in-, ir- Meaning: Not, without Example: Illegal, immoral, inconsiderate, irresponsible Context Clue: The criminal did something illegal so the cops arrested him.
mid- Meaning: Middle Example: midway, midday, middleman, midcourse Context Clue: I was reaching midway of the court, then I got hit still standing half-way to the dug-out.
non- Meaning: Not, without, opposite Example: nonstick, nonsense, nonhuman, nonexistence Context Clue: The girl growled at me in a nonhuman way, almost with a growl.
pro- Meaning: Forward Example: project, progress, progression, proactive Context Clue: We made so much progress on our game it was almost finished.
semi- Meaning: Half Example: semicircle, semicolon, semiaquatic, semiprivate Context Clue: The two semicircles created one circle.
sub- Meaning: Under Example: submarine, subassembly, subject, subjective Context Clue: The submarine crew took to the sea, slowly sinking in safety of the large, under-water vessel.
tri- Meaning: Three Example: tricycle, triangle, triplets, trio Context Clue: The tricycle had three wheels.
uni- Meaning: One Example: unicycle uniform, universe, university Context Clue: The unicycle's wheel rolled off.
gress, grad Meaning: Move, stop, go Example: graduate, progress, degree, gradually Context Clue: I have made progress over years pushing me towards my goal.
ject Meaning: Throw Example: project, ejected, reject, deject Context Clue: The DVD ejected out of the disc player.
mar Meaning: Sea Example: marine, submarine, aquamarine, catamaran Context Clue: The navy went to work in the submarine. They worked not on dry land, but worked in marines, oceans, etc.
oper Meaning: Work Example: operate, operator, cooperate, improper Context Clue: To operate, first you must flip the switch.
phon Meaning: Sound Example: phone, phonics, telephone, gramophone Context Clue: The telephone rung, creating noises till someone picked up.
scrib, script Meaning: Write Example: describe, scribble, subscribe, subscription Context Clue: I had to describe the criminal, his face was hard to remember.
tele Meaning: Sound Example: telephone, telegraph, telegraphy, telegram Context Clue: The telephones, that was tele off, ring echoed through the halls of the household.
-less Meaning: Without Example: careless, penniless, worthless, bottomless Context Clue: I was careless, I didn't look where I was going and tripped on a rock.
-ly Meaning: In some way Example: sadly, badly, madly, hardly Context Clue: Hardly anyone came, there were only few teenagers in the party.
-ment Meaning: Condition of Example: argument, government, environment, payment Context Clue: The conversation became a argument, with debating and constant disagreeing, when all I asked was to get a cookie.
-ness Meaning: State of being Example: happiness, illness, sadness, madness Context Clue: The sadness has seemed to describe the whole day throughout. A cry here and there with addition of rain.
-ous Meaning: Full of Example: joyous, carnivorous, previous, envious Context Clue: The T-Rex was carnivorous, filled with the thoughts of eating other dinosaurs.
-s, -es Meaning: More than one Example: kids, houses, gifts, mouses Context Clue: The houses leaned over me, surrounded by the darkness and shadows made by the tall buildings.
Created by: Lrandles001