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7th Grade Science Evolution~PearsonSucess

Aristotle classifyed by thoses that can..... swim,fly and walk/crawl/run
Who recorded each species appearance,movement and behavior? Aristotle
Who believed that species are more closely related based on observable features? Linnaeus
Who invented Binomial Nomenclature? Linnaeus
What is a group that can mate and produce fertile offspring? Species
A Genus is..... a group of similar, closely, related organisms
Who thought that species with similar evolutionary histories are classifyed more closely together? Darwin
What is the process by which a species changes, gradually based on it's enviroment? Evolution
Who wrote "Philosophic Zoologigue: Therory of Inheirited Acquired Characteristic"? Lamarck
Who's ideas were highly disaproved? Lamarck
Lamarck believed in a __________ therory... use/disuse
Who thought that changes occur within a lifetime are passed to offspring? Lamarck
How is Binomial Nomenclature formatted? Genus,species (underlined or itailizized)
Wallace wrote......? "The Malay Archipelago"
Who was the first to concieve the idea of evolution through natural selection? Wallace
Darwin wrote.....? "On the Origin Species"
Who officialy established/ originated the theorory of evolution? Darwin
What ship did Darwin ride on? HMS Beagle
Which islands did Darwin visit? Galapogos
Darwin is best known for studying.....? Finches
What is the fact that some variations gradually accumulate while other variations disapear? Selection
What is adaptattion (add-dap-tay-shun)? ;) a trait that helps an oganism survive and reproduce
What is one example of adaptation? *answers may vary* .the trait of beak shape.
What is an example of natural selection? *answers may vary* .different beak shapes.
The process by which individuals that are better adapted to their enviromentare more likely to survive and reproduce, than other members of the same species? Natural Selection
Dog breeding is an example of...? Artificial selection
In artificial selection who chooses which traits will be passed on? Humans
Far more turtles are born than will survive is an example of....? Overproduction
The struggle for limited resources is...? Competition
A turtle not finding enough food or shelter oooorrrr suffer to predation is an example of....? Competition
Some turtles are born with the ability to swim faster away from predation. This is a differance between cells of individuals of the same species. What is the term for this situation? Variation
The ability to reproduce offspring who can also reproduce desirable/fertile offspring: ex. survivng turtle live long enough to reproduce and pass genes. This is an example of....? Biological Fitness
What is the process in which new genetically different species evovle from the rest of the main/original populaation? Speciation or Population Bottleneck
What is the definition and an example for Geographic Isolation? The seperation of 2 population of the same species or breeding group by a physical barrier: ie... land, water, habitait or volcano. An example of this is the different types of African Elephants... western is different than central, eastern and southern.
What is it called when organisms are seperated by behavioral, physical or genetic differances... you seperate yourself.(ex:birds of the same species in different habitaits decorate nests with different material to attract mates.....? Reproductive Isolation
Blank is when changes occur in genetics due to chance (not natural selection.... probability)? Random Genetic Drift
What is an example of a Random Genetic Drift? *Ansers will vary* "smalll beetles are generally weaker and should die off, but live donto random situations......."
What do scientists use to track the evolutionary history of species? A Branching Tree
What are the four types of evidence that scientists use to determine relationships among greoups? Anatomical (body Structure) Embryonic (early) Development DNA Fossil Record
What is Anatomical(Body Structure)? Comparing the struture of living things
What is a homologous structure? Body structure that are structually similar in related species;provide evidence that the structures were inheireted from a COMMON ANCESTOR!!!
What type of evidence compares stages of developement BEFORE birth? Embryonic (Early) Developement ~Having similar structures in early development suggest relationship and a common ancestor
How is DNA evidence used? ~Compares the chemiccal makeup of living AND extinct organisms... (DNA, RNA, Nucleic Acids (Make DNA) Amino Acids (Make Proteins))
What does fossil record compare? The structure and chemical makeup of EXTINCT organisms.
What is punctuated equilibria? A hypothesis that evolutionary development is marked by isolated episodes of rapid speciation between long periods of little or no change.
What is the policy of gradual reform rather than sudden change or revolution called? Gradualism (slow and stedy) ~Darwin believed in this
What type of dating iss it when two fossils are being compared in order to find which is older? Relative Dating
What is absolute dating? Absolute dating is when scientists use the speed of radio active decay of elements to predict the actual age of an individual fossil.
What is the order of the levels of classifacation? Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species (7 levels) ~Keeping Precious Creatures Organized For Grumpy Scientists
Who's theory of evolution LED TO Darwin's Therory of evolution? Wallace
Who's therory of ACQUIRED characteristics was criticized and disapproved? Lamarck
What is the process of grouping things based on their similarities? Classification
Genus isss... A classifacation grouping that consists of a number of similar, closely related species
What is a taxonomic key? A series of paired statments that describe the physical chracteristics of different organisms
When a variation makes an organism better able to survive and reproduce, then this variation gradually accumulates while other variations disappear, what is this term called? Selection
The process by which organisms that are better suited to their enviroment are more likely to survive and reproduce than other members of the same species is..... Natural Selection
Created by: thorndale888