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NAJI Lesson 11 Vocab

人生 Reading: じんせい Human life
選択 Reading: せんたく Selection; choice; option (noun + する verb)
場面 Reading: ばめん Scene; setting (eg of a novel)
将来 Reading: しょうらい Future (usually near); prospects
決める Reading: きめる To decide; to choose (る verb)
重大 Reading: じゅうだい Serious; important; grave
様々 Reading: さまざま Various; varied
真剣 Reading: しんけん 1. Seriousness; earnest (なadjective) 2. Real sword (noun)
悩む Reading: なやむ To be worried; to be troubled
悩み Reading: なやみ Worry; trouble
簡単 Reading: かんたん 1. Simple; easy; uncomplicated 2. Brief; quick
一方 Reading: いっぽう 1. One (esp of two); the other (noun) 2. On the one hand; on the other hand (conjunction) 3. Where as; although; meanwhile (con) 4. (After a noun, adj stem, or plain verb) just keeps, tending to do (Adverbial-used as suffix for noun)
構う Reading: かまう 1. To mind; to care about 2. To care for; to look after 3. To prepare for 4. To interfere with 5. To tease
甘い Reading: あまい 1. Sweet tasting 2. Fragrant (smelling) 3. Lightly salted 4. Naive; overly optimistic; lenient 5. Half-hearted 6. Enticing 7. Mild
反対 Reading: はんたい 1. Opposition; resistance; antagonism; hostility; objection; dissension 2. Reverse; opposite; vice versa; contrast (な) adjective, (する) verb and noun
場合 Reading: ばあい Case; situation
宿題 Reading: しゅくだい Homework
Reading: さつ Counter for books
感想文 Reading: かんそうぶん Written description of one's thoughts
日記 Reading: にっき Diary; journal
辛い Reading: 1. つらい 2. くらい For つらい Painful; bitter; heartbreaking For くらい 1. Spicy; hot 2. Salty 3. Harsh (criticism); severe (punishment) 4. Painful; bitter; tough
読書感想文 Reading: どくしょかんそうぶん Book report
迷う Reading: まよう 1. To lose one's way 2. To waver; to hesitate; to be perplexed 3. To give into temptation; to lose control of one self 4. To turn in one's grave
迷い Reading: まよい 1. Hesitation; bewilderment; doubt; indecision 2. Inability to reach enlightment
並べる Reading: ならべる 1. To line up; to set up; to arrange in a line 2. To enumerate; to itemize 3. To be equal (to); to compare well (with); to be as good (as)
神様 Reading: かみさま God
天神(様) Reading: てんじん(さま) Heavenly god; heavenly gods
最後 Reading: さいご 1. Last; end; conclusion; latest 2. (After たら or た form followed by が) no sooner than; right after (often with negative consequences, and this is an expression)
指す Reading: さす 1. To point 2. To nominate 3. To identify 4. To play 5. To extend one's arm straight ahead (in dance)
全て Reading: すべて 1. Everything; all; the whole (noun) 2. Entirely; completely; wholly; all (adverb)
全く Reading: まったく 1. Really; truly; entirely; wholly (adverb) 2. Indeed (adverb) 3. Good grief (expression of exasperation)
設問 Reading: せつもん 1. Posing a question 2. Question (する) Verb and noun
一寸した Reading: ちょっとした 1. Trifling; petty 2. Quite a bit; somewhat; quite Pre-noun adjective
筆者 Reading: ひっしゃ Writer (often in self-reference); author
新出語 Reading: にいでご New entry word (be careful, this word was found only in google translate, denshi jisho did not have this word.
文型 Reading: ぶんけい Sentence pattern
学習 Reading: がくしゅう Study; learning; tutorial Noun and (する) verb
単語 Reading: たんご Word; vocabulary
確認 Reading: かくにん Confirmation; verification; validation; review Noun + (する) verb
必要 Reading: ひつよう 1. Necessary; needed; essential; indispensable (な) adjective 2. Necessity; need; requirement (noun)
Reading: かたち 1. Form; shape; figure 2. Visage
変える Reading: かえる 1. To change; to alter; to transform; to convert 2. To reform; to revise; to amend
Created by: adriana95123



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