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Micro 2015-GBates

Final Exam-Test 1

Letter "C" contains which functional group Amine
Letter "e" contains which of these functional group Ester
Which of the following is NOT used to view specimens in a microscope? Protons
An alpha coil is an example of which level of protein folding? 2
What is the electron orbital configuration for He______ 1s2
Mitochondria have ____ own DNA
Eukaryotes have _____ribosomes in the ER? 80's
What is the main component of a biofilm? Glycocalyx
How many Neutrons are in Ca? 20
What is the functional group of this molecule----CH3-Ch2-COOH Carboxylic acid
Which of these is neutral? pH7
pH= -log[H+]
Erwinia carotovera pathovar vulogaris is the scientific name foa bacterium. What is the genus name? Erwinia
An acid dissociates into __ in water. H+
Rod shaped bacteria are called? Bacillus
A helminth is another name for ___? worms
Which is NOT a step in Gram Staining? Methyl Blue
What is essential for Koch's postulates. Reisolation from newly infected host
The subunits from which ATP s made are ADP and phosphate
Negative stains actually stain the ___ background
What is the function of carbohydrates? Structure
Which type of genetic info is stored on plasmids Toxins & Resistance
Purines include AG
Transamination turns amino acids into? Carbohydrates
How many ATP are produced from fermentation of 1 glucose 2
Which bacteria can form endospores? Gram+
Which is an end C product of fermentation? carbon dioxide
PPP stands for? Pentose phospate pathway
Ribosome Protein
Plasmid Circular DNA
Pilus Conjugation
Magnetosome Destroys peroxide
Glycocalyx Sugar Coat
Flagella Long hair like
Fimbria Short hair like movement
Cytoplasm Mostly water
Cell wall Cell support
Cell membrane Increase surface area
Cells come from other cells Rudolf Virchow
Developed criteria to determine if a specific microbe causes a specific disease Robert Koch
Developed synthetic drug Paul Ehrlich
Discovered Penicillium Alexander Fleming
First person to observe bacteria using a microscope Anton Von Leeuwenhoek
Heated wine to prolong shelf life Louis Pasteur
Observed cork and came up with the idea of cells Robert Hooke
Performed the first vaccination for smallpox Edward Jenner
Used chemical disinfectant for surgical wounds Joseph Lister
Created by: arichardson_14