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Test May 1 terms

filial family or related to
piety showing respect by honoring obligations
China color for mourning white
filial piety honor elders by showing obedience, be pleasing, and support parents
China example of filial piety providing money support for elderly parents
In an ulimited government leaders ____________ the law don't have to follow
In an unlimited government, individual rights are ______. NOT the most important
The type of government in China is _______________. Communism
In a limited government leaders _________ the law. have to follow
In a limited government, individual rights are ____ MOST important
Propaganda is a message to damage or help a cause, often exaggerated.
Describing the Great Wall of China as a "Wall of Friendship" seems to exaggerate a message to create propaganda
Type of government Japan had when the emperor had total power monarchy
Type of government Japan has today when the emperor has no power- consitutional monarchy
type of government in which people rule through elected representatives republic
a political system in which property is owned by the community and is supposed to benefit all of the community Communism
In China an example of a natural transportation barrier is Himalayas (mountains)
A transportation corridor... makes transportation faster
In ancient China an example of a human made transportation barrier is the Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China was created to keep the Mongols out.
The Forbidden City is the "ancient' palace in China.
Where did most shared aspects of East Asian culture originate? China
Rule by one, rule by few, rule by many are ways of organizing .... governments.
An example of rule by one in East Asia is .. the emperor in ancient China.
An example of rule by few in East Asia is ... Commnism in China (the few in charge of communism)
An example of rule by many in East Asia is ... constitutional monarchy in Japan (the voters who elect officials are in charge)
In a monarchy the emperor or king has the power, BUT in a constitutional monarchy the __________ has the power. many or the people
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