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Quiz 10

Community Interactions

What is the relationship between a niche and a habitat? The relationship between a niche and a habitat is on the literal meaning and belonging there.
n the African plains, how is a lion’s niche different from an antelope’s niche, even though they share the same habitat? Even if the habitat may be the same, a lion and a antelope spend their lives in the habitat differently making it different niches.
What are three outcomes that can occur when two species compete for the same resources? The two species would possibly start fighting and possibly start dying from lack of resources and possibly become extinct.
Bees and butterflies are able to exist together even though they use the same flowers for food. Explain why the North American gray squirrel and the European red squirrel cannot coexist together; use the term “competitive exclusion” in your answer. (Skip)
Find and describe an example of niche partitioning in the wild. An example of niche would be like how lunchtime in any school goes, its the same habitat but there are different groups of kids.
Find and describe an example of divergent evolution in the wild. A example of divergent evolution would be like, adapting and having different growth being "divergent" from the others that you were with.
Created by: teruodaka