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Quest 5

Quest 5 (:

Email A way to send and receive digital messages over the Internet.
Snailmail an envelope, letter or package you send through a postal service with postage (usually takes 2-10 days to be delivered)
Email address your username@provider.xxx the @ symbol is needed after your username, and the email host or provider of the account comes after that (eg. @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, @k12.mi.us)
Inbox The inbox is where you'll view and manage emails you receive.
Message Pane When you select an email in the inbox, it will open in the message pane. From here, you can read the message and choose how to respond with a variety of commands.
Compose Pane From here, you can write an email to a recipient
Drafts Drafts are messages that you have composed but not sent.
Recipients Recipients are the people you are sending the email to.
Subject The subject is a brief description of what the email is about.
Signature Signatures will appear at the bottom of every email you send and often include your name and contact information, like a phone number, website, or professional title.
Trash When mail is moved to the Trash it is to be removed from your inbox and deleted
Spam Spam emails often carry viruses or scams, so you won't want to open/or read these messages.
Phishing A type of email pretending to be from a bank or trusted source in order to steal your personal information. Might be an offer saying free tickets, or collect your winnings.
Folders Webmail providers let you create folders or labels so you can organize your messages.
Reply Whenever you receive an email, you can use the Reply command to respond to the message
Reply All Use the Reply All command if you want to send a message to everyone included in the original email, including those that were copied on it.
Forward Whenever you want to share an email that you've received, you can use the Forward command to send the message to another person.
Cc stands for carbon copy or make a copy and send it to another individual you list
Bcc stands for blind carbon copy, it will copy it, but will not show all the others you are copying it to
Attachment an item you attach to your email, could be a photo, file, or other item intended for the recipient to open. CAUTION, don’t open one from someone you don’t know and trust as there might be malware or a virus in it.
Emoticon something used to represent words such as (:>) to show a smile or a tny image to show how you feel
Formating features you can use to make your email look better, be more helpful, or personalized. Examples: Bulleted lists, hyper linked web address, bolded text.
Created by: richa1