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odyssey questions

from the odyssey

aeaea home of circe / the goddess
alcinous king of phaeacia
calypso beautiful numph goddess who keeps odysseus
charybdis female monster that makes a deadly whirlpool 3 times a day
cicones people living in the southwestern coast of thrace who battled Odysseus on his adventure
circe goddess who turns Odysseus men into swine
cyclops one eye monster
erebus dark area of the underworld where the dead arise
eurylochus a member of Odysseus loyal crew
lotus eaters people who feed Odysseus crew lotus plants to forget Ithica
phaeacia island kingdom ruled by alcinous
polyphemus sun of the sea god and blinded by odysous
cyclopes who live solitary lives as serperds
scylla female monster with six heads
siens sea mymphs
teiresias famous blind prophet
thrinakia island where the sun god keeps his cattle
antinous one of pinelipes main suitors
eumaeus one of Odysseus loyal servents
eurycleia odysseus old nurse
eurymachus suiter of penelope
eurynome penelopes housekeeper
penelope odyseouses wife
pheiloeteus one of oysseuses loyal servents
telemachus odyseouses son
apollo god of poetry
athena favorite daughter of zeus
cronus titan who ruled the univurse
helios sun god
hephaestus god of metalwork
hermes messenger god
poseidon sea god
zues the most powerful god
Created by: erock32