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Criminal Just. Ch 11

Ch. 11 Prison Life

Total Institution Place where large group of like situated individuals live according to institutional rules and procedures.
* Convict Code The values, norms and roles that regulate the way inmates interact with each other and with prison staff
In defining the origins of the "Inmate Society". Two models were presented. Name the models. The Deprivation Model and the Importation Model
What is the Deprivation Model A theory that inmates are deprived of material possessions, social acceptance, heterosexual relationships, and personal security which gives rise to the type of society in which the inmates coexist.
What is the Importation Model Theory that the inmate society is shaped by the pre-prison experiences and socialization patterns that the inmate brings with them.
Prisonization Concept that says when a prisoner enters prison for the first time, he/she is socialized to the customs and principles of that inmate society
What are the three basic categories of instances of prison sex (YUCKKK) 1. Consensual sex, 2. Prostitution, and 3. Sexual Assault
Sub-Rosa The secret underground prison economy aka the prison Black Market
What is meant when said that prisons "Desocialize" the inmate. Prison life encourages qualities that are counter to those required to function effectively in the free society.
* Contrast the inmate lifestyle who embraces "Doing Time" vs."Jailing" vs Gleaming. Doing Time (Want to get out ASAP and seek to maximize comfort), Jailing (Long prison records want position of influence because prison is their world), Gleaming (Seeks personal betterment to prepare for life outside prison).
Why do women experience prison more negatively than men Women suffer more from the separation from family and friends and women tend to have children on the outside
What is meant by women form pseudofamilies? Females adopt roles in their relationships such as mother, father, husband daughter, and sister to form kinship networks. The pseudo family.
Define "Turnout" Person who were heterosexual prior to imprisonment but engaged in homosexuality while in prison only to return to heterosexuality once out again.
What did Congress do in response to the massive amount of prisoners challenging their conditions cases in federal court? Congress passed the Prisoner Litigation Reform Act of 1995 which mandated that prisoners had to use all available prison grievance procedures before they could seek Federal Court remedy. If not done, the case would have to be dismissed.
Mandatory Release Inmate released after serving the legally required length of their incarceration minus any good time credits.
Recidivism The return to illegal activity after release.
What are the two most common ways prisoners are released? Parole or under Mandatory Release laws.
Habeas Corpus Court Order requiring a prisoner be brought to court to determine if being legally held and to hear his/her claims.
What freedoms are granted in the First Amendment HINT SPPAR - Freedom of Speech, Press, Petition, Assembly, Religion.
What freedom is granted in the 8th amendment HINT CR8 - The freedom against Cruel and Unusual Punishment
What freedoms are guaranteed in the 14th amendment Due process and Equal protection
Gleaming Taking advantage of the prison resources to better oneself. Ex. Studying in the library or taking vocational classes.
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