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Janssen Cardiac

Mrs. Janssen's Cardiac System Test

What is a minute artery? Arteriole
What vessels carry blood away from the heart? Arteries
What vessels carry blood to the heart? Veins
What are small veins called? Venules
What are the small blood vessels that connect arterioles & venules? Capillaries
What are the upper chambers of the heart called? Atria
What are the lower chambers of the heart called? Ventricles
One complete contraction & relaxation of the atria & ventricles is known as a ____. Cardiac Cycle
The amount of blood pumped per minute by the left ventricle. Cardiac Output
The muscle layer of the heart. Myocardium
The innermost layer of the heart. Endocardium
The outer sac that encloses the heart. Pericardium
The system of blood vessels that carries blood between the heart and lungs. Pulmonary circulation
The heartbeat that is felt at different points on the outside of the body. Pulse
Which side of the body is the apex of the heart pointed? Left
What allows blood to move between the atria and ventricles? Valves
The amount of blood pumped by a ventricle in a single contraction. Stroke volume
The contraction of the heart is known as _______________. Systole
The relaxation of the heart is known as _______________. Diastole
Closure of the ________________ produces the heart beat we hear. Valves
Squamous epithelial layer of artery and vein walls that reduces friction in the lining. Tunic Intima
Muslce layer of artery and vein walls that stretches and recoils. Tunic Media
Fibrous connective tissue that supports & protects arteries and veins. Tunic Externa
How thick are capillary walls? 1 cell
Which type of vessel has the thickest walls? Arteries
Normally arteries carry O2 rich blood and veins carry CO2 rich blood. Pulmonary arteries & veins are an exception to this rule. What is one other exception? Umbilical vessels
The vertebral arteries and what other arteries supply blood to the brain? Internal carotids
What is the communication between the arteries that supply blood to the brain? Circle of Willis
Which type of circulation has a capillary bed that is both fed and drained by veins? Portal
What is the vessel that bypasses the liver in fetal circulation? Ductus Venosus
There are 2 vessels that bypass the lungs in fetal circulation. One is the Ductus Arteriosis. What is the other? Foramen Ovale.
Which umbilical cord vessel carries O2 & nutrient rich blood? Umbilical Vein
Which artery is located in the wrist and is used for taking pulses? Radial
Which arteries are located lateral to the eyes? Temporal
Which arteries are located in the groin? Femoral
Which arteries are located in the back of the knee? Popliteal
What force maintains circulation throughout the entire body? Blood pressure
What is the most important function of the lymph vessels? Collect excess fluid
What kind of cells does the spleen destroy? RBC’s
What kind of cells does the spleen produce? Lymphocytes
What are veins that have twisted & dilated due to incompetent valves? Varicose Veins
What separates the right and left sides of the heart? Septum
Which chambers of the heart receive blood? Atria
Which chambers of the heart pump blood? Ventricles
What artery comes out of the left ventricle and supplies blood to all body tissues? Aorta
The left atrioventricular valve is also known as the ___________valve. Bicuspid
The right atrioventricular valve is also known as the ______________ valve. Tricuspid
What is the name of the tiny white cords that anchor the valves? Chordae Tendineae
Created by: jjanssen33