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Majors animal: External anatomy of ray-finned (bony) fish (matching)

Eyes Large, image-forming sight organs lacking eyelids
External nares (nostrils) Paired openings in the dorsum of head leading to olfactory receptors
Mandible Lower jawbone bearing teeth for prey capture
Maxilla Upper jawbone, fused to skull, bearing teeth for prey capture
Opercula Paired bony flaps that cover the gills on either side of the head, attached anteriorly and dorsally but open posteriorly and ventrally for the release of water
Pectoral fins Steering and braking while swimming and maintenance of dorsal-ventral orientation while suspended
Pelvic fins Steering while swimming located near pelvis
Anal fin Steering while swimming located near anus
Caudal fin Provides thrust and acts as a rudder while swimming
Dorsal fin Steering and maintenance of dorsal-ventral orientation while swimming
Urogenital pore Common external opening for the release of urine and reproductive products
Anus Posterior opening of the digestive tract through which undigested food particles (feces) are eliminated from the body
Lateral lines Specialized sensory organs that detect vibrations and current directions in the water
Created by: scandalouscanine