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Ecce Romani Ch.34

creare to appoint
invocare to call upon
poscere to demand
miscere to mix
sinere to allow
haurire to drain
modus way/method
cura care
corona crown/wreath
hedera ivy
plus vini more wine
quam than
prudenter wisely
nimis too much
pessimus worst
prudentior wiser
commissatio drinking party
flores flowers
unguenta perfumes
arbiter bibendi the drinking master
venus the highest throw
canis lowest throw
effundere to pour out
afferre to bring in
scindere to cut/carve
ferculum main dish/carrying trey
regnum kingdom
evertere to overturn
complere to fill
frustum scrap
accumbere to recline
inferi underworld
auferre to carry out
irrumpere to burst in
locus place
iussa orders
deicere to throw in
Created by: webie53