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Nat5 Multicellular Reproduction

What is variation? Differences between members of the same species.
Blue monsters were crossed with yellow, all the offspring are blue. Which characteristic is recessive? Yellow
Blue fur is a dominant characteristic (allele B). What could the genotype of blue bat be? BB or Bb
What are the different variants of the same gene called? Alleles
If two heterozygous yellow Tombliboos are crossed, what proportion of the litter will be of the recessive green colour? one quarter
What is polygenic inheritance? Inheritance of characteristics conterolled by more than one gene.
What is the phenotype ratio resulting from a cross of two heterozygous individuals? 3:1 (3 x dominant : 1 x recessive)
What is the genotype ratio resulting from a cross of two heterozygous individuals? 1:2:1 (BB:2xBb:bb)
What is a phenotype? How individual looks as a result of their genes.
What does genotype tells us? Which alleles the individual carries. BB or Bb or bb etc.
Why is the expected ratio not always seen in nature? each fertilization is an idependent event so smaller the sample size greater the chance of difference from the expected ratio, also different alleles survive better.
Male gametes in humans are produced in Testes
Human male gametes are called Sperm cells
Why are the human egg cell the biggest cells in the female body? Egg cells contain the food store for the developing baby
Female gametes in plants are called Ovules
Female gametes in plants are contained in Ovaries
Male gametes in plants are contained in Anthers
Male gametes in plants are called Pollen
Female gametes in humans are contained in Ovaries
Genetic information is stored in an organelle called a Nucleus
Molecule that stores genetic information is DNA
DNA in a nucleus is organized into Chromosomes
Full set of chromosomes is called a Chromosome complement
A full human chromosome complement consists of 46 chromosomes
Cells with full chromosome complement are called Diploid
Cells with half of chromosome complement are called Haploid
Human haploid chromosome complement consists of 23 chromosomes
Egg cell and sperm cell are called Gametes
In fertilization gametes combine to form a Zygote
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