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Vertebrate Zoology

Neo-ornithes (Ancestral and modern birds)

Dromeosaurs Pneumatized skeleton, wishbone, feathers, bipedal, flexible wrist, lateral shoulders
Archaeopteryx Cousin of birds; No keeled sternum; Bony tail; Teeth and reptile like skull; No fused sacrum; Clawed foredigits
Archiornis huxleyi eteching dark, white, and red melanophores
Modern Birds Flight Streaming lining with contour feathers
Weight Reduction Modern Birds No urinary bladder, one ovary, down feathers
Modern Bird Forces Thrust, lift, and drag; Dynamic soaring needs big secondaries and small primaries; High speed is bigger primaries than secondaries; High lift is large secondaries and high camber
Modern Bird Feet Anisodactylie with three toes forward and one back for perching; Zygodactylie with two forward and two back for verticle surfaces
Modern Bird Feathers Melanin for strength and neutral colors; Carotenoids from food and warm colors; Porphyrin destroyed by UV but bright colors
Modern Bird Vocalization Air over syrinx for vibrations for high pitch sounds; Percussion sounds with wings and beaks
Created by: LionsandGiants