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Earths crust and resources

Place based knowledge A way to explain and predict what happens in nature for a local group
Theory of plate tectonics Ocean floor moving away from ridges into deep trenches
Boundaries Plates meet
Plates small broken up parts of lithosphere
Diverging Apart
Converging Together t
Transform Along side
Earthquake Shaking earth caused by sudden break of blocks of rock in crust
Fault Crack in earths crust where movement occurs
Focus First place rock breaks below surface
Epicenter Point on earths surface above the focus
Seismic waves Energy waves caused sudden breaking of rocks at the focus
Minerals Pure substance forms naturally ex. Quartz mica
Streak The coloured line of fine particles minerals levels behind
Igneous Hot molten rock
Sedimentary layers of shells bones Layers
Metamorphic intense pressure changed appereanc Appearance change
Ores Mainerals with enough concentration to be mined
Erosion Movement of rocks and soil by water wind or ice
Landslide Large masses of rock or soil from a slope
Humus Decayed organic rock fragments
Created by: Jennypenny