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Science Vocab.

SIcience Vocabulary for Work and SImple Machines

Force A push or a pull
Work Done when an applied force cause an object to move in the direction of the force
Simple Machine A device that makes work easier with only one movement
Compound Machine A combination of simple machines
Mechanical Advantage The number of times a machine multiplies the effort of force you apply to it
Pulley An object with a groove, like a wheel, with a rope or chain running through the groove
Lever A rod or plank that pivots around a fixed point
Wheel and Axle It is made of two round objects that are attached and rotate together about the same axis
Inclined Plane A sloped surface that does not move
Wedge An inclined plane that tapers to a sharp edge.
Fulcrum A fixed point
Work= Distance x Force
Machines can Make work easier by changing the amount of force, changing the distance, and by changing the direction.
1st class lever examples Seesaw, Crowbar, Scissors, and Pry bar
2nd class lever examples Wheelbarrow, Bottle Opener, and Nutcrackers
3rd class lever examples Broom, Shovel, arm, leg, and fishing rod
A pulley _________ force. Changes the direction
Instead of _______ against the load Lifting up, you can pull down using your body weight
Compound Pulley A system of movable pulleys
Mechanical Advantage can increase _________ pulley. By using more than one
Inclined plane provides____. Not less work but less effort.
Inclined plane are used to__. Reduce the force needed to overcome the force of gravity when lifting and lowering a heavy object.
A screw has _ parts. 2
What are the names of the parts of a screw and which part is it? The Body: Cylinder Post The Thread: Inclined plane wrapped around the cylinder
Functions of a screw Fasten things (standard screw or nuts and bolts), Make holes (drill bits), and lift heavy objects (jackscrew).
Archimedes screw Screw that contains a cylinder used to move water
A wedge is used ___. To increase force
The _____ wedge moves through it. Material remains in place.
Wedges can be ____. Forced between two things to hold them tightly together (doorstop or a nail) or used to cut, split and fasten (teeth, knives, and axes).
On a wheel and axle the ____. Wheel is connected to a rigid pole
How is a wheel and axle a modified lever? The center of the axle acts as a fulcrum making the wheel a lever that rotates around in a circle.
Is the bigger one usually the wheel or the axle? The wheel The wheel
Created by: NerdyAngel