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Majors animal: Lab practical one questions

Why are tunicates in Phylum Chordata? At some point possesses all five traits common to Chordates (pharyngeal gill slits, postanal tail, endostyle, dorsal hollow nerve cord, notochord)
Why are lancelets in Phylum Chordata? At some point they possess all five traits common to Chordates (pharyngeal gill slits, postanal tail, endostyle, dorsal hollow nerve cord, notochord)
What is the physiology of the gallbladder? Stores bile
What is the cecum in a human called? Appendix
In terms of all the other fishes, what characteristic do hagfishes not have that they do? Accessory heart
List one very close relative to the hagfish. Lamprey
What kind of scales do steelhead have? Cycloid
Which is shed annually: a true horn or antler? Antler
Which animal sheds its horns annually? Pronghorn antelope
What is the bone in the penis of many mammal species called? List three mammal species that don't have this bone. Baculum; humans, horses, whales
What is the wishbone of an avian reptile more accurately called? Furcula
What do owls regurgitate onto the floor? Owl pellets
Does the owl have a urinary bladder? No
What is the nitrogenous waste product for birds called? A) Urea B) Uric acid C) Ammonia D) All of the above B) Uric acid
What is the ear bone of a teleost called? Otolith
What can an ichthyologist determine by an ear bone? Age of the fish
How many cervical vertebrae in the human? Seven
How many thoracic vertebrae in the human? 12
How many thoracic vertebrae does a cat have? 13
How many lumbar vertebrae in a human? Five
How many vertebrae are fused to form the sacrum in the human? Five
The caudal vertebrae are collectively referred to as the ________ in humans. Tailbone
T or F: The female and male human have the same number of ribs. True
The two primary contractile proteins found in muscle tissue are what? Actin and myosin
Impulses in vertebrates' neurons can travel only in one direction. Dendrites carry impulses ________ the cell body and axons carry impulses ________ from the cell body. Into; away
What organelle is missing in RBCs? Nucleus
What is the main protein in RBCs and what is its function? Albumin; transport of small molecules
What is stored in adipose tissue? Fats and oils
What is one characteristic of smooth muscle? Involuntary movement
What is one characteristic of skeletal muscle? Voluntary movement
Tendons attach ______ to ____. Muscle to bone
Ligaments attach ____ to ____. Bone to bone
Where are red and white blood cells synthesized in mammals? Spongy bone
What are platelets? Small, colorless, cell fragment without nucleus
What is the physiology of platelets? Involved in clotting
How many days does the average RBC live in a human? Why? About 120 days because they do not contain a nucleus
What organelle does the frog RBC have for its entire lifespan whereas the human RBC destroys this organelle early on? Nucleus
The study of vertebrate tissues is called what? Histology
What are the three embryonic germ layers called? Ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm
Which germ layer did the liver, thymus, pancreas, thyroid, and epithelial lining of the respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems develop from? Endoderm
Which germ layer did the adrenal cortex, body cavity lining, dermis, notochord, and muscular, skeletal, excretory, circulatory, lymphatic, and reproductive systems develop from? Mesoderm
Which germ layer did the epidermis, epithelial lining of mouth and anus, cornea and lens of eye, nervous system, epidermal sensory receptors, adrenal medulla, tooth enamel, and epithelium of pineal and pituitary glands develop from? Ectoderm
______ attaches muscle to muscle. Fascia
What is the maximum number of bones you had during embryonic development? 270
How many bones do you have now? 206
What is the specific name of the connective tissue holding your visceral mass together? Mesentery
Name five anadromous fish species that are endemic (native) to the Columbia River Watershed. Green Sturgeon, Chinook, Sockeye, Steelhead, White Sturgeon
Name one anadromous fish that was introduced to the Columbia River Watershed. Shad
What is a landlocked sockeye salmon called? Kokanee
Feathers are modified ______. Scales
The beard on a male turkey is modified ______. Modified feathers
Are heterocercal tails primitive or advanced? Primitive
Name two fish species that possess a heterocercal tail. Hammerhead shark and dogfish
Are homocercal tails primitive or advanced? Advanced
Name two fish species that possess a homocercal tail. Steelhead and perch
Gars and bowfin fish have what scale type? Ganoid
Are sharks ovoviviparous, oviparous, or both? Both
Define rete mirabile. A complex of arteries and veins lying very close to each other found in some vertebrates
We have learned that sharks are one of the only groups of animals that have never developed ______. (Hint: abnormal mass of cells that one of three of us will develop) Cancer
Since sharks lack the anatomical structure called a _______, they have to continually keep swimming in the water column. Operculum
What is a baby shark called? Pup
Sharks have a streamlined body shape called what? Fusiform
In sharks, the excretory and reproductive systems are combined and called the __________ system. Urogenital
List three main anatomies of a bony fish gill. Gill arch, gill rakes, gill filaments, operculum
What is the genus name for cats? Felis
How many chambers does a mammalian heart have? Four
At the juncture of the right atrium and right ventricle is the ______ valve. Tricuspid
The bicuspid and tricuspid valves are prevented from being pushed too far backward by small string-like attachments of connective tissue called _________. Cordae tendinae
The ridges seen in the brain are called _______. Gyrus
The grooves between the ridges in the brain are called _______. Sulcus
T or F: The cerebrum is the largest portion of the brain. True
The two hemispheres are connected by the _______. Corpus callosum
Many mammals, including sheep, have a special coating of the cornea known as the _______, which causes the eyes to shine at night when spotted by a bright light. Tapetus lucidum
The lens is suspended in a fluid filled chamber known as the ______. Vitreous
The fluid in the chamber the lens is suspended in is called the ______. Vitreous chamber
List the four contractile regions of the heart in the cartilaginous fishes in the order that blood flows through them, starting with the return of deoxygenated blood from the body. Sinus venosus, atrium, ventricle, conus arteriosus
List the three epithelial layers that cover the brain and spinal cord of mammals. Dura Mater, Arachnoid Mater, Pia Mater
What embryonic germ layer were the three epithelial layers that cover the brain and spinal cord of mammals derived from? For EC, name a disease resulting from inflammation of the most inner layer. Ectoderm; spinal meningitis
The more accurate name for hooved animals is what? Ungulate
What anatomy produces blood cells for cartilaginous fishes? Spleen
What anatomy produces blood cells for avian reptiles? Spleen
Do owls have a crop? No
Do owls have a gizzard? No
What is the main building material of avian reptile egg shells? Calcium carbonate
How do developing avian reptile embryos receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide for cellular respiration? Shell pores
What anatomy makes the egg shell in avian reptiles? Oviduct
T or F: Female avian reptiles have a right and left ovary plus right and left oviducts and if false, which do they have? False; left
What is the better name for cartilaginous fishes sometimes called ratfish? Chimaera
Created by: scandalouscanine